Girls night out

by Kristi Higgins

Recently, I spent Girls Night Out (GNO) on the Hickory Dickory Dock. Our hostess, Mechele Halder, along with her husband, Paul, share their boat house, dock, beautiful view and boat with many friends. I’ve discovered that there is a social network along the Appomattox that is filled with some fun-loving people!

Mechele said the GNO has been going on monthly for the past two years. The four founding members are encouraged to invite guests. They meet once a month at each other’s homes. Women love to talk and share what’s happening in their lives. What’s great about this group of ladies is that they genuinely are interested about what’s going on in your life, too. Men are not invited, but it’s inevitable that two to three significant others will be present at some point during the evening. Both times I attended GNO on the Hickory Dickory Dock, the men boarded the boat and took off down the Appomattox to have some male bonding of their own. If we’re lucky, we are able to convince Paul or a river-pal to take us for a ride. Vincent W. Giordano III, the neighbor who lives on a house boat, took us for a cruise during my first GNO. His boat is large enough to hold the entire crew at once; although, this time he showed up in what appeared to be a little dinghy.  Maybe he downsized.

Eight ladies helped Lessa Cram celebrate her birthday. She is one of the four regulars. She was presented with a variety of gifts, hand-picked bouquet of flowers and birthday cake. Lessa is actually pronounced “Lisa.” Her father named her after her grandfather whose name was Leslie, but he went by Les. Her dad said he threw in an extra “s” just for fun.

I was home by 9 p.m. on a Tuesday evening; however, I did not feel like leaving because my Tupperware was missing. I must have sounded like a raving lunatic, because Paul started mimicking me. I asked one of the ladies if I could check her gigantic bag as, she was making her way out the door. She kept on walking! Mechele reassured me that my Tupperware would be returned to me safe and sound the next day. I received a message saying I could pick it up from Paul’s office. I told PauI, “I couldn’t sleep a wink.” He said, “Because you had so much fun?” I said, “No, because someone walked off with my Tupperware!” There was no mention of where my babies spent the evening, but I was glad to have them back safely in my arms. I was fully prepared to pay a ransom.


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