Max watches his weight

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.    I don’t normally go shopping for clothes, but I have this wedding coming up [not mine!] and I have lost about 10 pounds, which my body has grudgingly given up.  However, the fight is never over with my body.  I have the kind of body that likes to get back what it has lost at any and every opportunity.  

So I have been pretty faithful going to the gym four to five times a week, some jogging, and some free weights coupled with a nice salad for dinner.  I am not a big fan of salads, at least not as the main meal; however, the wedding provides just enough motivation for me to hang in there for three more weeks.  

Anyway, I decided to go straight from work to one of the nicer men’s clothing stores in a major city about 30 minutes from where I work.  I went in, found a few things I liked and decided to try them on first before buying them.  I do not have a Slim Jim body and gravity has been working its magic on me for some time now, so, the fit of some clothes will just not work for me. I need a little bit more space to move around in, if you get my drift.  

I find the dressing room, change clothes and walk out to look at myself in the mirror.  As I leave the dressing room one of the stores assistants comes walking up to me, looks me up and down, and says, “Oh dear!  Those pants will never do.  I will get you something else.  Wait here.”  Before I could say anything he turned on his heels and charged out into the suit display area.  I stood there for a second trying to regroup.  I finally decided I really did not have the heart to tell him that I was only trying on the shirt.  The pants were the ones I wore to the office.  

Oh well, no harm done and no clothes bought.  I really need to push for that last five pounds.  I have hit a kind of a plateau at this moment.  My body does not like to give up the weight gradually.  It will do it in four to five pound increments.  I will diet and exercise, watching the scales, nothing moves on the needle.  Then one day… Poof... Five pounds are gone.  I just have to remember that they are never really gone, just hiding…waiting for the opportunity to return home when I least expect it.


“Dieting is the only game where losing is actually winning.” Dogpound Wisdom

As always be good, play safe, and remember we all need to be careful about our weight.  

JR and Max


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