Survival of the momest

I just survived the “Tax Free” weekend. I think I’m going to turn that into a bumper sticker and we can proudly display these alongside our stick figure families and honor roll boastings. I don’t know what possessed me to venture into Target this weekend, but venture I did.

The family and I walked into our favorite store, greeted as usual by the cool “whoosh” of arctic air and the smell of freshly popped popcorn mixed with the tantalizing aroma of Starbucks. Not two seconds in and we have already stopped at the strategically placed “Dollar” section, the children’s eyes darting back and forth over the inexpensive toys and knick knacks with the stealth and speed of the well trained. My darling girl then asks, “Mommy, may I have cake pop and vanilla milk”?  This is her favorite treat, to get a cake pop and drink and then to stroll the aisles of Target with her Mama.

This trip I declined the request, we had to get school supplies, plus the boys were with us. As we headed down towards the school supplies I thought to myself, “it looks like a regular Saturday in here,” oops, I was wrong. As I rounded the corner to the school supplies, I found everyone in Chester with a school-aged child.

I put Daddy in a side aisle with one child and plunged head first into the madness with the other. Colored pencils, fine tip markers, glue sticks and a new book bag and lunch box later we were in business and ready for third grade. I surfaced and took a deep breath, shoved him out of the turbulent waters of bargain shoppers and grabbed my sweet girl. After much dilly dallying over which new lunch box we would be taking to preschool this year, I had to convince her  that she did not need a new book bag this year. I promised her that when she started kindergarten we would get a brand new book bag and diverted her attention to a new folder; it’s amazing how quickly her attention went from the book bag to the 99-cent My Little Pony folder.

As we were leaving, I realized that I had forgotten that I needed school supplies, too! I am going back to school folks; so this mama needed notebooks and pencils along with the kiddos. After a near miss with a Target cart (wear tennis shoes when school-supply shopping, not sandals – this is serious stuff) and a tug of war with a notebook (kidding) I made it out alive, just barely.  But, I did come away with one exciting find; I was shocked to see that Trapperkeepers are still in existence, the 80’s child in me couldn’t resist and I am now once again the proud owner of one.

After checking out and loading up the car, I remarked to my wonderful husband how I didn’t understand why I thought we would save a huge amount of money during “Tax Free” weekend, because we didn’t, and you don’t. It’s just another huge marketing ploy by big business to get us to go shop in one weekend, just like the holiday season. I now think that “Tax Free” weekend is the new beginner to the holiday shopping season, mark my words folks; it’s only a matter of time.


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