Chesterfield just behind Hopewell in toxic air report

by Corina Beall

The issue of toxic pollution in Virginia has been too long ignored in a state that prides itself as business friendly and pursues environmental policies that rely on voluntary compliance and self-enforcement. There has also been an erroneous belief among too many public officials in Virginia that pollution is one of the costs of a strong economy and jobs. In a market-driven economy, those industries with the lowest cost per unit of production prosper even if that lower cost is achieved at the expense of the public’s health and the environment.

Regulations and pollution standards are needed to establish a level playing field that insures the public is protected, businesses know the rules of the game, and those businesses that violate environmental standards are not allowed to benefit from lower costs of production by exceeding pollution limits.

Virginia ranks 22nd among states in total toxic emissions, and 37th in per capital emissions. However, these statewide numbers are meaningless to individuals living in certain communities in Virginia, both urban and rural, who bear a disproportionate burden of toxic pollution exposure. This report identifies the Top 15 communities most impacted by toxic air pollution and provides the names of the companies emitting the pollution along with the names of the pollutants they are releasing into our air.

It should come as no surprise that the most persistent sources of toxic pollution are too often found in poorer communities and in communities of color. These communities that are frequently ignored and are the most vulnerable to the argument that environmental protections will only come at the expense of jobs. As is evident from the top fifteen polluted zip codes in Virginia identified in this report, these communities may be found in urban settings like Richmond or in rural “company towns” dominated by one industry that serves as the major employer.

The majority of the pollutants emitted into Richmond’s air are potent lung irritants such as ammonia, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid which explains, in part, why the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America ranks Richmond No.1 as the asthma capital of the United States. The largest sources of these pollutants are Honeywell, RockTenn, Phillip Morris, the Chesterfield Power Station, and Church & Dwight.

The health effects of these more common pollutants should not be minimized, especially when the long term effects of exposure are not well understood and permanent harm to the human respiratory system is suspected. Long-term occupational exposure to hydrochloric acid has been reported to cause gastritis, chronic bronchitis, dermatitis, and photosensitization. Long-term exposure to sulfuric acid may cause emphysema. Other chemicals traced to cancer, birth defects, and liver, kidney, neurological damage are released daily in metro Richmond as well.

Top 15 Localities with the Highest Toxic Air Emissions in Virginia Contents Introduction

2012-13    Location/Industry                         Last Measurement Rank
1         Covington, VA (24426)                      7
2.         Hopewell, VA (23860)                       8
           Hercules, Inc.
3.        Chesterfield County, VA (23831/6)      9
           Park 500 – Phillip Morris
           Chesterfield Power Station - Dominion    
4.        Buchanan County , VA (24631)          3
5.        Chesapeake, VA (23323)                11
6.        Cleveland, VA (24225                     11
7.         West Point, VA (23181)                  12
8.        Richmond City, VA (23234)                13
           Dupont Spruance Plant
9.         Colonial Heights/Chesterfield  (23834)    14
           Honeywell  International Colonial
           Heights Plant
           Church & Dwight Co. Inc.
10.        Narrows, VA (24124)                 15
11.        James City County, VA (23185)        15
12.        York County, VA (23692)            16
13.        Isle of Wight, VA (23851)            16
14.        Montgomery County, VA (24141)        17
15.        Lynchburg, VA (24501)             18    
17        Community Spotlight: Newport News, VA     19

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Toxic Air Report

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