Lonely, Isolated Seniors: Sign Up for Support through the Telephone Reassurance Program

Seniors, do you live alone, or are you a caregiver?  Do you wish you had someone to talk to?  Sometimes a phone call is all it takes. The Chesterfield County Senior Advocate’s Telephone Reassurance Program is seeking seniors in the community to receive friendly phone calls from volunteers. Our volunteers have received training and make their calls from the Senior Advocate’s office four days a week. Seniors can receive calls two, three or four days. Volunteers provide moral support through telephone check-ins to make sure a senior is okay; they will not solve problems, but will provide a listening ear.

Similar programs across the United States have been effective in reducing loneliness, victimization and health concerns among older adults. These calls offer increased socialization, as well as safety checks and give lonely, isolated individuals something to look forward to.

“One goal of the program is to help alleviate the fear that many older adults have when they live alone or don’t have many resources in their community,” Senior Advocate Debbie Leidheiser said.

County seniors who participate in the program have expressed delight in receiving the calls.

“I don’t feel so isolated or alone since receiving the weekly calls,” said one survey respondent. “I feel like someone cares.”

Seniors who would like to receive calls must fill out an application listing their contact information and other items.  The program is free.

For more information, call 804-768-7878 or email leidheiserd@chesterfield.gov.


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