Max has boundaries

Hello and welcome to the extra distance issue of the Dogpound.  Well, my poor laptop has bitten the dust.  Well, not really. The on-and-off button has decided to stay in the off position, so I have been forced to sneak back into work and use my office computer to keep the supply-chain full of Dogpound wit and humor.  

Good news is that the local repair guy ordered a new button and it should be here mid-week.   The bad news is if the boss-man sees me here, he will get it in his head that I am working late and expect these late night hours to continue.  Not happening, so I have to be quick like a bunny and get this typed and sent.  

The other bad news is my fish. The Angelfish have decided to become very territorial and have split the aquarium basically in half, two on one side and two on the other.  Not sure why? I got them when they were very small, and for a long time, they hung out together and were good buddies.  Then, one day, one of them either by choice or by democratic vote, started to spend more time alone and away from the other three.  Then of late, one of the trios has switched allegiance joining the original loner, making it even odds, two on two.   

I have a 30 gallon aquarium and in the middle there is a nice large stone shaped object that is about a foot long and eight inches high. It has some holes in it for fish to swim through and some plastic plants glued to the surface to make it look like a nice aquatic wonderland.   Then, like the Hatfields and the McCoy’s, they decided that the mountain in the middle was the territorial boundary, and no one will pass without getting a head butt.  

I really don’t think they can do much harm to each other since they do not have teeth and the head butts don’t seem to have much impact; however, it is rather disruptive not only to the Angelfish but also to the other smaller fish who get caught in the cross-fire.  The left side of the tank will not tolerate any other fish in their area whereas the right side will generally ignore them, but will occasionally chase one or more just to let them know who is in command.  

I actually went out and bought some very tall plastic plants and put them in the middle of the tank in the hopes that they will not be able to see each other (the mountain is only about one-half of the height of the aquarium) and become, hopefully, out of sight out of mind.  

I have also been thinking of maybe taking the mountain out of the tank altogether and seeing what they would do with no visible landmarks to help them draw a line in the sand so to speak.  However, I am afraid that such a move might trigger an all-out fish gang war and I don’t want to be responsible for the consequences of that.  Fins and scales everywhere!  Is there such a thing as a police fish or cop?

That is a wrap for now.  I need to go over and try again to negotiate a settlement that does not smell fishy to either party (sorry I could not resist).  As always be good, play safe, and remember fish have feelings, too.  

JR and Max


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