Not just another vampire film

Chesterfield County resident and filmmaker, Kahil Dotay, was in Chester last Thursday, to film a scene at the Chester Police Station for “Vampires in Virginia,” a movie to be released in late 2015.

Peter, a reporter, was investigating a murder asking the lead detective, played by Jay Gates, about his friend and the findings. Dotay, the director and producer of the film also plays the reporter. “It is a low-budget film,” according to Freddy Ridout , location manager for the film. “But it is going to be a good film.”

This is the second film directed and produced by Dotay and his company INTEGfilms. His company has been producing films since 2006 and released a 40-minute film recently, filmed mostly in Chesterfield, and came close to getting picked-up for PBS, but due to having to pay for distribution and SAG dues, he decided not to release it.

“Vampires in Virginia” is a modern-day take of a vampire story. The story-line is about vampirism and how it is classified as a disease and its contagion.  Dotay began writing the storyline in 2010 and completed the script in about a year and a half.  He said he chose to do a film about vampires due to it being the easiest route to make it onto the big screen. “This is a really tough business and it will be tough [to get it released] but I do have a couple of contacts – that helps,” he said.

Along with location shots in Chester, Dotay had his crew and actors at a medical center in Midlothian.

In an update from an email, Dotay worte, “Shooting the hospital scene was really fun. They were very helpful and shut down half of the whole emergency room for us. The main problem we had was the ER was too clean and nice looking. It might not translate because it looks so nice! People might think, “yeah right, I can tell that’s not a real hospital”… but it is!”

“The police station was great, too. Very nice police officers who can be seen in the film arresting some extras.” The extras were his two sons. Several locals have also been used as extras.  For those interested in the movie-making process and would like to keep up with “Vampires in Virginia,” visit  Dotay said the ending has been written and “There is a sequel.”

The next film sight is the Midlothian Mines, only if they are safe enough for shooting.


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