Sidewalk proceeds on Osborne Road

The sidewalk is proceeding on Osborne Road connecting the existing sidewalk that ends at Cliff Lawn Drive to the shopping center at Jefferson Davis Highway and Osborne. The new section of sidewalk will include new curbing and storm water control. The five-feet wide sidewalk project also includes a small wall as the project had to cut into the bank that runs approximately 500 feet.

According to the contractor, Dickerson Construction, LLC, the project should be completed on or about the end of August. A request by Chester Community Association Vice President, David “Kent” Dodd, was the impetus to get the project started when he approached Bermuda Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle. Mr. Dodd had other pedestrian projects that had been laid out in the Chester Plan adopted in 2005. Those projects are waiting to be funded.

The Chester Plan explicitly identifies the pedestrian routes desired by Chester and Centralia area residents:

“Numerous customer contacts made through the customer service process have emphasized the value of a community connected by a pedestrian network. While citizens recognize that this is a long-term goal that will be achieved through a focused effort, the Chester Plan seeks to provide the guide for the future network. The Land Use Plan map recommends a comprehensive pedestrian network, which would be made up of both trails and sidewalks.”

Sidewalk projects have been completed in Dale, Matoaca and Midlothian districts.


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