Revitalization Strategy is a fixer-upper

The Chesterfield County Planning Commission will discuss the (Draft) Revitalization Strategy for the County on Tuesday, July 22 beginning at 2 p.m. at the Public Meeting Room in the county complex on Ironbridge Road.

The revitalization staff indicates that the Revitalization Strategy is now online at

According to information from the revitalization group online, “Public investment in established communities is an essential component of the county’s revitalization efforts.

Public facilities such as police stations, fire and emergency service stations, schools, parks and libraries are an integral part of the community fabric and can have a profound impact on the social, economic and physical character of a neighborhood.”

As an example, The Public Facilities Plan chapter promotes:

  • School parity by rehabilitating or replacing older facilities in aging and maturing neighborhoods with an emphasis on smaller, community-based schools.
  • Community-based public safety facilities.
  • Use of the public library system beyond its traditional function by establishing its role as a community-gathering place and an educational, cultural, informational and small business resource center.
  • An equitable active and passive parks system.

The Planning Commission will hear from the revitalization working group this month. Funding has be greatly reduced for the project, but a presentation will take place to allow Planning Commission to consider its progress.


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