Thoughts on immigration

The President and Congress are heading for a collision over how to handle the “crisis” caused by a flood of underage immigrants – children and adolescents – across the Mexican border from failing, gang-ridden states in Central America.

Congress – particularly the Republican House majority – see our present difficulties as an opportunity to blame Mr. Obama for something else.  With mid-term elections four-months away, this understandable – but it is also poor citizenship.

Republicans can blame the President, by all means.  And he can blame them.  There’s ample blame to go around.

What’s needed is a solution.

As a sovereign nation, the United States must have a reasonable ability to control who crosses its borders.

Yet neither party wants to deal seriously with this issue.

The Democrats – less a party than a coalition of disadvantaged demographic groups – are thrilled at the prospect of millions of Hispanic immigrants, legal or illegal, who might eventually become Democratic voters.

The Republicans – less a party than a wholly-owned subsidiary of America’s biggest corporations – are thrilled at the prospect of millions of illegal immigrants who can be hired to do jobs which might otherwise go to American citizens.  American citizens, of course, being entitled to all those pesky entitlements such as a minimum wage, overtime, Social Security, safe working conditions, etc.

We all know the tune.  Both parties, for very different reasons, love illegal immigrants.  Or rather, they love the uses to which such immigrants can be put.

But most of us – regular Americans who want jobs for ourselves and our kids, and would prefer to pay less to take care of folks who really shouldn’t be here – agree pretty strongly that the United States should be able to control its own borders.

The second reason we need an urgent solution to this new problem is because these are kids.

Allowing that both parties might have some basis for looking benignly upon illegal immigrants – as potential future voters or as under-the-table sweatshop labor – neither party has a moral right to score points at the expense of kids.

Especially not if scoring those points results in making those kids’ lives miserable.

Now, I know.  These are not our kids.  Unlike most progressives, I reject the notion that the United States is somehow required to open its doors to everyone in the world who is oppressed, poor, or desperate for a better life.

In fact, I find that way of thinking terrifying.  

Our planet is overpopulated.  This week, the best estimate is that there are nearly 7.25 billion of us – and that number rises daily.

The United States has only 322 million residents.  We have plenty of room for more.

But we operate under a system of government which rests – ultimately – upon a great many unwritten assumptions about freedom; equality; responsibility; toleration; the application of the law to everyone; restraints on official power; etc.

These assumptions define who we are and make our version of democracy workable.

If we are to remain a free society, those who come here to join us must acquire – through a process of education and assimilation – what those of us who are born and raised here are supposed to have learned from the cradle.

A manageable number of immigrants – regardless of where they come from – can be so educated and assimilated.  

A huge influx of immigrants – especially if they come from societies radically different from ours – might well fail to be assimilated.

It seems to me imperative, then, that we regain control of our borders – or, rather, of the processes of immigration into this country.  We need to be certain that those who join us are willing and able to become citizens of a free republic.

Their music, food, and other customs may be different.  Those differences will enrich us.  But if they fail to learn and adopt our basic ideals about self-government, they will impoverish us in a far more vital way.

The urgency of devising a workable, twenty-first century system for controlling immigration will become increasing obvious as our planet continues to warm.

One effect – desertification – has already forced millions off once-livable “drylands” into neighboring territories.  The result can be war – as in the recent genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region.

If you’re interested, the US Department of Agriculture has some good, easy-to-find maps forecasting global desertification.  

Another effect – rising seas – is more obvious.   Around the world, hundreds of millions of people live on islands or in coastal areas which are slowly, inexorably, becoming unlivable because of marine encroachment and the salinization of once-fertile  soils.

All this means that more and more dislocated people will be trying to get into countries seen as offering safety and opportunity.  The pressure will mount with every passing year.

And our two parties are doing nothing – absolutely nothing – to prepare us for that.


Illegal Immigration and the Taxpayer.

No one wants to even imagine what incorrigible act Obama, the dictator, will do next... but we have a duty to stop him, anyway we can. His loyalists—the parasites that thrive in our free-giveaway society, will always vote for his ideology, of getting free food stamps, free housing vouchers as well as cash. These are the citizens who have never worked hardly in their lifetime. But instead preferring to sit in front of the television and stuff their faces with pizza, while the rest of us pay the taxes—to pay for the freeloaders. Same with illegal aliens as they have learned to game the system, whether with stolen Social security numbers, federal ITIN numbers.

So whatever the price to us people, this tyrant of a president must be prevented from carrying out each phase of his “fundamental change” to our great nation as the executive branch of government is controlling our future, which is prohibited in our beloved Constitution. Obama has bypassed the Congress “to do what HE Will, as the whole of the Law”. Obama and his drones have already caused mammoth damage, to foreign diplomacy, our economy and that will take decades to disentangle. His socialistic ideas are not much different from a Marxist attitude towards of building a mega-government that we must obey and all controlling. This administration lies all the time; to the most gullible that believe them and who are enthusiastic about “Something for nothing”. We must take steps to get our voices heard across America and rally our grassroots family, friends, independents and all moderate conservatives, even Democrats.

It’s an outrage what’s happening at the Southern border, with a main silence coming from the Democrats. Two sheriffs on the border said that criminal were bring larger drug loads across both the North and southern border, and criminal activity was up. The sheriff in one isolated county in Texas told a cable news network, that a Mexican national who had been deported 4 times was back again and raped a young woman.

That old weasel Sen. Harry Reid says the border is secure, while border patrol officers are obligated to assist with the welfare of thousands of infants, pregnant mothers and teenagers who stood within the jurisdiction of our soil--demanding to be detained. So how can the border be secure, when a stream of illegal aliens slipping past the border? You just have to look at the 50,000 who are in custody.

Congress needs to amend the 2008 child Trafficking act, so every country is included and not just Mexico? That way we can accelerate the deportation of anybody? Why are we not expediting this law, so we can stop this illegal alien invasion travesty? Politicians at the usual snails pace in Washington debate how to best deal with the influx of illegal immigrants from Central America along the southwest border, smugglers continue to transport women, children, and entire families into the country; now we have to accommodate them, feed them and offering medical care, when inflation for the American people is climbing upwards. Have you notices the price of gas and your groceries lately? Once again the government is lying to you and informing us that there is hardly any inflation? THAT’S WHY SENIOR CITIZENS ARE NOT GETTING A LITTLE EXTRA IN THEIR SOCIAL SECURITY, BECAUSE WASHINGTON IS DOSING US THEM WITH LIES ABOUT LOW INFLATION.

Then the Democrats are demanding $3.7 billion dollars for these illegal aliens, while we have homeless and millions of jobless Americans. Then the final straw some non-profit has a contract to house the unaccompanied minors in foster homes, offering $5064 dollars a month—tax free. America is in the middle of a nightmare, caused mainly Obama offering Dream kids a free gift of staying here, therefore making people in foreign countries, that are under the assumption that kids especially arriving here get to stay. Of course along with no money, they are carrying invisible “travelers” that our lawmakers don’t like to mention: diseases the U.S. had controlled or virtually erased for decades: highly infectious tuberculosis, scabies Chagas disease, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, measles, plus much more.

These Illegal alien diseases and the lack of any major manpower on the Southern border have resulted in a gag order, according to some border agents who have defied their supervisors by speaking to reporters. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, stated “admitting these huge groups of children puts the United States at jeopardy for epidemics of serious diseases and viruses that the nation has not seen in years. Cases coming from south of the border can be very resistant to medications.” Also coming across the border is pregnant women who are aware that once here, their progeny is born they can claim instant citizen, robbing Americans of benefits for our own children or taxpayers paying the bills for everything in costs for mothers. ITS NO WONDER PEOPLE SOUTH OF OUR BORDER THINK WE ARE A BUNCH OF SUCKERS AND FAT CATS.

If the border is so strengthened and it is sealed, how come there are warning signs of regions in Arizona that entering these locations at your own risk? Charles Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist was correct that that senile Senator Harry Reid “needs to take his meds”. But it was the ex Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson of Texas who was really instrumental in leaving us wide open to invasion. She added an amendment within the 2006 Secure fence Act that eliminated the construction of 700 miles of double layer fencing, similar to the great success of the 50 mile length of fencing in San Diego.

American Patrol, a grassroots organization went ahead surveying the border, proving that 100 of miles were not fenced or even patrolled; nothing but Sage Brush and remnants of pre--1950 fencing, if at all exists? Large signs on highways explained the danger of drug cartels, illegal alien smuggling and other heinous activities. Mexico is not our friend; they have been looking the other way, of the mass invasion of our country and some of their policing authorities are bribed by the most dangerous drug gangs.

Blocking amnesty for illegals is up to us—grassroots America—the little citizens. We need you. Check these site that has the phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress at www.contactingthecongress/ to demand an end to illegal immigration. You can also get alternative news about issues at One-America-News and


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