Max avoids an accident

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.   Almost did not get around to making this one due to the over-sight…or maybe the under-sight of another vehicle driver.  As I have stated before in past articles, our small town believes [for the most part] that stop signs are not really stop signs...rather they are more like suggestions to slow down… or maybe pause before scooting on by those signs.  So, over time, it has become the habit to be a bit more wary of intersections since there is no guarantee that the person coming from the other direction will actually stop or if they will take a quick look and dash across the intersection.  Most of the time this happens at fairly slow speeds, so even if someone is not overly attendant, one or both parties have sufficient time to apply the brakes and allow the other person to proceed.  Since this is a fairly common occurrence in our town, there is no shouting, swearing or road rage; we just nod in acceptance and continue on down the road.  Now with that being said there are times when this does not happen.  I approached a four way stop in town the other day,  and I come to a full stop [notice I am one of the few who actually stops at stop signs] all the while noticing a jeep coming up the road on  my right.  I should have proceeded on my way, but for some reason I decided I better wait another few seconds...just in case…and in true form it was a good “just in case” decision.  The lady driver, for whatever reason, apparently never saw the stop sign [no cell phone was visible]; she just barreled through it like she had the right of away and went unaware that she was just a few seconds from forming a “T” with my car.  Fortunately, everything turned out ok, but it does make you think.


“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” Mark Twain


  • We were so poor, that we could not afford a watch dog…instead dad taught us kids to bark.
  • What is the difference between golf and politics?  In golf, you can’t improve your lie.
  • New college football rule for this season; all teams must field 3 will play offense, one will play defense, and one will go to classes.

That is all I have today.  As always be good, play safe and remember to always be careful when you are behind the wheel.  

JR and Max


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