Max versus Lassie

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.   I suspect you had a nice Fourth of July weekend, and along with all the other activities, I hope you did something patriotic to appropriately celebrate this important national holiday.  

What Max?  What did I do?  I haven’t done anything yet because I am writing this in advance so I will have time to enjoy the three-day weekend.  However, if you must know, I plan on buying some fireworks and lighting up the night sky while playing patriotic music in the background.  Pretty cool…right?  

No, Max I am not getting a big head about this.  And no, I am not big-headed about saving that dog the other day from drowning in my pond.  However, I am pretty proud of what I did.  What did you say?  What do you mean I shouldn’t be the proud one?  Oh, you mean the neighbor’s dog, the one that was barking should be the big hero?  Well, he kind of played a role but he was no Lassie.  

What do you mean…what do I mean?  Well, if he was really the Lassie hero type, he would have come to the house and rung the doorbell for help.  What? Oh, right, we don’t have a doorbell. Well, then he would have knocked until I answered the door. Yes, with his head.  Then he would have led me to the helpless dog.  That is what Lassie would have done.  I have seen him do it a hundred times. He would run back to the house to get help.  He would tug at Dad or Mom, prance back and forth, and bark as they scratched their heads as to what Lassie was trying to tell them [even though this was the hundredth time that Lassie has done the same thing with the same results].  

“What Lassie?  Something wrong?  Did Timmy fall in the well again? No…uhh…he fell in the quicksand again?  Well dang it…what then?  Oh…did he fall and break his leg in the woods?”  Lassie jumps up and down in agreement.  “That is the third time this year...let’s go and get him.   Lead the way as usual Lassie.” As they get in the truck you can hear Dad say, “Lassie. Just be aware. I know you pushed Timmy so he would break his leg, just like you pushed him into the water well and into the quicksand last month.  I can’t prove it, but I am warning you that I have my eyes on you.  Ratings or no ratings this has to stop!”  

Max, what do you mean that you do not believe me? And no, there is no water well or quicksand around here…so don’t be getting any ideas about trying to be a hero like Lassie.  Let’s finish this and go buy some fireworks and celebrate JR and Max style.  Now that is the way a dog should run around all excited, even with bad hips.

“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”
     – William Faulkner

As Always be good, play safe and remember why we have a Fourth of July to celebrate.

JR and Max


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