Traffic improvements, pedestrian walks

If you walk, you can walk the sidewalk further and safer. If you drive, your trip may be better through Chester due to intersection improvements and the trip may be safer and more pleasant.

The Chesterfield Board of Supervisors on May 28 this year approved the financing for the project. Better functioning traffic lights and crosswalks will be created along West Hundred Road.

Bermuda District Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle said a constituent asked her for an extension of the Osborne sidewalk.

“He said he would like to work on getting the sidewalks on Osborne continued to the shopping center.  I had some other sidewalk requests and so I started working with staff on the Chester Pedestrian upgrades – the Osborne Road sidewalk and continuing the sidewalk on Old Centralia down to the Erin Green neighborhood.   Then the design and funding for the replacement bridge up at DCR came in without sidewalks,” Ms. Jaeckle said. “I had to relinquish the Bermuda District revenue share to have sidewalks added to the design of the bridge.  This resulted in the Chester sidewalks being delayed.”

In October 2011, as part of the project designation for the 2013 Revenue Sharing (with VDOT) program, the Board authorized transportation staff to proceed with the design and right-of-way acquisition on West Hundred Road through the Village of Chester for the  Pedestrian Improvements Project. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) authorized the county to begin work on the project in December 2012.

The project involves upgrading the pedestrian signals and crosswalks at Chestertowne Road, Harrowgate Road/Centre Street, Chester Road, Old Centralia Road, Osborne Road/Curtis Street and replacing handicap ramps along West Hundred Road as well as a sidewalk extension on Osborne Road and Chester Village Drive.

The total cost of the project is expected to be $727,000, but VDOT will be carrying the brunt of the cost.

According to county documents, “in order to avoid delaying the project, the Board is requested to authorize the County Administrator to award a construction contract, up to $463,000, to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. The Board is also requested to authorize the County Administrator to execute all necessary change orders, up to the full amount budgeted for the project. Transportation staff is working with VDOT to obtain authorization to advertise the project.

Staff recommends the Board take the following actions for the Route 10,

Village of Chester, Pedestrian Improvements Project:

Work has begun on the extension of the sidewalk on Osborne Road. The sidewalk will continue from where it ends on the west side of Osborne at Cliff Lawn. It is planned to continue east for another block and then cross Osborne proceeding to the shopping center on the corner of Osborne Road and Jefferson Davis Highway.

Work is proceeding on Osborne just east of Purdue Avenue.


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