Boy Scout constructs storage shed for animal shelter

Mathew Young is a Life Scout with Troop 2880 at Beulah Methodist Church. When he saw the remains of a shed that had been recently relocated at the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter, he knew he had found the Eagle Leadership Project he had been looking for. The Shelter was desperate for storage space.  

They provide services and supplies in order to help people who are struggling financially, to keep their animals instead of turning them in.  The Shelter needed a place to keep dog-crates and other supplies clean and out of the weather. Being an animal lover himself, Young felt this was something he should do.

The shed had been recently moved to its new location due to construction.   

All that remained was a roof, two sides constructed of wood, and a third side constructed of fencing.  The interior had old piping and electrical wires that needed to be removed. “Basically all we could save was the roof and the four corner beams,” said Young.

Young obtained the donations he needed. For the next three weekends, his family, friends, and fellow scouts were put to work. The first week was deconstruction. They tore down everything that was not needed including the old pipes and electrical wiring. The next two weeks was reconstruction. They added extra bracing to the sides, added a new exterior, and painted the shed.  

Inside Young installed floor to ceiling shelves in order to maximize the storage space.  Young said the hardest part of the project was obtaining donations.  “There are a lot of organizations asking for donations and companies only have so much to give.” The best part of the project, “finished” and a job well done said Young.

The Chesterfield County Animal Shelter is always in need of supplies and donations. Visit their website at to see how you can help.


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