Recently deceased

BUDD, Nellie Mae, 87, of Chesterfield.
DUNCAN, Bryant W., 69, of Chesterfield, husband of Barbara Duncan.
KELLER, Donald Scott, 76, of Chesterfield, widower of Dorothy Mae Keller, and Betty Jean Kreider Keller.
MCCOY, Linda Marie Wilson, 72, of North Chesterfield, widow of Claude McCoy.
MOORE, Mildred E., 87, of North Chesterfield, widow of Andrew C. Moore.
SEAY, Robert, 67, of Chester, a Vietnam War veteran of the U.S. Army, husband of Nadine Seay.
SHAW, Derrick, of Chesterfield.
SUTTON, Paul, 88, of Chesterfield, a World War II veteran of the U.S. Navy, husband of Joyce C. Sutton.
PERKINS, Pearlie M., 73, of Chester, widow of James Bradley Perkins.


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