Chester resident challenges Forbes for 4th Congressional seat

Elliott G. Fausz (D) announced his candidacy challenging Congressman Randy Forbes (R-4) for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District seat. According to his supporters, he will be an advocate for the district and a leader in the House of Representatives.

Mr. Fausz said in a press release, “For too long, the people of the 4th District have been underrepresented by Congressman Forbes, who focuses his attention on special interests,” Mr. Fausz continued, “It’s time we put petty politics aside and move America forward with 21st century leadership.”

Fausz is a longtime resident of Chester, Virginia, where he manages day-to-day operations of his family’s local newspaper, the Village News. Fausz received a Bachelors degree in political science from Virginia Commonwealth University and continued his studies for a Master of Business Administration at VCU. During his studies, Fausz traveled to over 25 countries where he studied various cultures and languages, including Chinese and Spanish. Recently, he spent time in both Finland and Greece consulting with startup companies on how to bring their products to market in America.

The Chesterfield County Democratic Committee fully supports Fausz and his platform.

“The Chesterfield County Democratic Committee is delighted that Elliott Fausz  has received the nomination of the 4th District Democratic Committee for Congress, and our members are ready to work hard to help him get out the vote to unseat Randy Forbes in November,” said Elizabeth Hardin, Chair of the Chesterfield County Democratic Committee.

Fausz serves as President of the Chester Community Association, a civic organization that promotes smart growth and community events. He is also the chairman and a founding member of the Chesterfield County Twinning Association, which connects Gravesham, England, and Chesterfield for the purpose of cultural exchange.

Fausz’s experience has given him a unique set of skills that will enable him to be a powerful voice and advocate for Virginia’s 4th Congressional District. Fausz vows to fight for every citizen across the 4th district and the country by putting constituents first.

“I will find success by listening to the constituents of the 4th District and putting their interests a head of K Street lobbyists,” says Fausz. “There is a lot to be done in Washington, and as long as we keep the residents of the 4th District in mind, we can overcome any obstacles that are standing in our way.”

Fausz continued by emphasizing the importance of cleaning up the Veterans Administration, reforming the student loan system, balancing the budget, developing clean energy and high-tech jobs, and defending America’s boarders without encroaching on privacy.

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