Recently deceased

BANTON, Jennie Jamerson, 84, of Chesterfield.
CLIFTON, Margie Cundiff, 86, of Chester, widow of Robert Wilson Clifton.
DOTSON, Joseph Louis III, 76, of Chester, husband of Jean Donoho Dotson.
DYSON, Lois Jeanne Sanderson, 83, of South Chesterfield, widow of John W. Dyson.
GRAVES, John Edward, 59, of Chesterfield, husband of Betty Williams Graves.
HARRIS, Brenda Kaye Pitts, 66, of Chesterfield, widow of Gene C. Harris.
MATTUPURATH, Antony, 73, of North Chesterfield, husband of Maya Antony Mattupurath.
MCNEELY, Wanda Evans, 65, of Chester, wife of Don McNeely.
MOEHRING, Marion Elizabeth, 86, of Chester, wife of D. Errett Moehring.
RODRIGUEZ, Gerardo Maximo, 47, of Chesterfield, husband of Martha Amanda Rodriguez.
SCOTT, Mark “Junior/Junebug” Jr., 36, of North Chesterfield.
SHELLENBERG, Patrick William, 86, of Chesterfield, widower of Ethel V. Shellenberg.
TAYLOR, Timothy J., 32, of Chester.
TOBEY, Anne Mitchell, 68, of Chesterfield, widow of R.E. Tobey Jr.
WORLEY, Michael Earl, 61, of Chester.


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