Police Blotter: June 9, 2010

RICHMOND ST 5/29 Chesterfield Manor. A known suspect entered the victim’s house through a bedroom window, under which a stack of chairs was found. The victim confronted the suspect inside the residence and told her to leave. The suspect was later found by officers and found to be in possession of the stolen property.

ORIOLE AVE 5/28 Grindall Creek Park. Unknown suspect/s entered the residence through a rear door, where damage was found. Property was stolen.

TINSTREE DR 5/28 Tinsberry Trace. An unknown suspect entered the residence through an unlocked kitchen window and took items from inside.

MACBETH CT 5/28 King’s Forest. Unknown suspect/s entered a vacant house by using the key from the lock box. Extensive damage was noted to the interior of the house.

RUSSWOOD RD 5/28 Unknown suspect/s kicked in the rear door of the vacant house and removed items from inside.

TWISTED OAK DR 5/27 Forest View. Unknown suspect/s entered the crawlspaces of two houses and stole copper from underneath.

BREVARD DR 5/29 Brevard. An unknown suspect went into the crawlspace of a new home and took copper tubing.

CHESTERFIELD AVE 5/30 Suspect/s broke out a bathroom window in order to enter the residence. Property was stolen.

STARPINE LN 5/30 Bermuda Gardens. Entry to the residence was forced through the front door, where damage was found. The interior of the residence was rummaged through and items were stolen.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 5/30 Hank’s BBQ. The business was entered through a rear window and property was stolen.

IRON BRIDGE RD 5/20 Spencer Bros. Inc. Ironbridge. An unknown suspect broke out a windowpane in a side door, reached in and unlocked the door. The suspect rummaged through the office and took a cash register.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 5/29 Oakwood Homes. Unknown suspects entered two trailers for sale on the property and removed items.

OLD BERMUDA 5/31 Bradford Brothers Inc. Suspect/s attempted to enter by pulling an exterior panel up, which activated a building alarm.

CROSS ST 5/28 D&B Mechanical Inc. Unknown person/s cut the battery cable and removed two batteries and their connector from the victim’s 1989 International flatbed truck. Suspect/s then cut the lock and hasp on the shed door, taking the lock. The damage caused the hasp was such that the suspect could not open the sliding door.

LAKE CAROLINE DR 5/27 Kingsland Glen. Property was stolen from the victim’s unlocked vehicle.

LAKE CAROLINE DR 5/31 Kingsland Glen. Multiple unlocked vehicles were entered in the area and items were stolen.

WILLIS RD 5/31 Sleep Inn Motel. Suspect/s broke out the windows on several vehicles in the hotel parking lot and stole items from inside.

PARKDALE RD 5/30 Parkdale Road Duplexes. Decals were stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

CHESTER RD 5/29 A license plate was stolen from the victim’s vehicle.

HYDE PARK DR 5/28 Hyde Park Apartments. When entering his residence, the victim left his keys in the door. An unknown suspect used the keys to enter the victim’s vehicle and remove several items.

FESTIVAL PARK PZ 5/30 The victim’s 2004 Cadillac Escalade was discovered fully engulfed in flames.

KINGS GROVE DR 5/28 King’s Grove. A known suspect stole the victim’s Honda from the driveway. He later came back to the house.

LOGANWOOD DR 5/29 Happy Hill Farms. The victim reported her Mercury Marquis stolen. The vehicle was normally kept unlocked with the keys over the visor, according to the victim.

LIGHT ST 5/31 The victim’s scooter was stolen from the backyard. It was later recovered on Pannil Street.

FOXBROOK DR 6/01 Colonial Pine Estates. Unknown suspect/s forced entry to the victim’s shed and removed property from inside.

SPACE RD 6/01 Falling Creek Court. A locked 2008 Honda was entered and miscellaneous property was reported stolen.

OLD STAGE RD 6/01 A locked, red 2000 Dodge Dakota was entered and property was reported stolen.

BERMUDA AVE 5/29 Point of Rocks Estates. The victim reported property stolen from his Chevrolet truck. No signs of forced entry were noted.

HALLMARK DR 6/01 Lake Farms. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s 2003 Cadillac, which was parked in his driveway. No signs of forced entry were noted.

MEADWOOD CR 6/01 Meadwood. Property was reported stolen from the victim’s locked, red 1999 Lexus. Another vehicle at the residence was spray painted across its passenger side door.

HYDE PARK DR 5/31 Hyde Park Apartments. The front license plate was reported stolen from the victim’s 2001 Chrysler.

BREVARD DR 6/02 Brevard. Suspect/s entered the crawlspace of the house and removed property from underneath.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 6/02 Unknown suspect/s attempted to enter the victim’s locked maroon 1995 Chevrolet.

TINSBERRY DR 6/02 Tinsberry Trace. A locked 1995 Honda was entered and property was reported stolen. No signs of forced entry were noted.

EXHALL DR 6/02 Kentwood Forest. The victim reported the unknown suspect/s attempted to steal the front license plate from his gray 2003 BMW.

PLANET RD 6/03 Regency Lake Apartments. Unknown suspect/s entered the residence through an unlocked rear storage room. Suspect/s created a hole through the wall of the living room in order to get into the main living area. Property was stolen from inside.

RUTHWIN LN 6/03 Meadowdale. Suspect/s broke out a rear window and entered the residence.

KWANTRE PARK AVE 6/03 Winchester Green Apartments. The complainant discovered the rear door of the vacant apartment kicked open. Nothing appeared to be missing from inside.

GLENCADAM DR 6/03 The victim saw the suspect attempting to enter vehicles. At this time, nothing was reported stolen.

POINT OF ROCKS RD 5/27 Chesterfield Manor. A maroon Nissan truck was entered and property was reported stolen. No signs of forced entry were noted.

N ENON CHURCH RD 6/03 Adamson Global Technology Corp. Miscellaneous property was stolen from the business.

JEFFERSON DAVIS HWY 6/03 U-Haul. Unknown suspect/s attempted to steal two Ford trucks from the business.


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