Road, pedestrian improvement updates: Bermuda District

The following information was taken from Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckleā€™s newsfeed on

Revenue Sharing and Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds will be used to upgrade pedestrian signals, handicapped ramps and the crosswalk on Route 10 through the Village of Chester. Preliminary engineering is complete and construction is expected to begin this summer.

A revenue-sharing project (50 percent state funds and 50 percent county funds) to construct a sidewalk on Osborne Road from Cliff Lawn Drive to the shopping center at Jefferson Davis Highway and Osborne Road is expected to begin construction this summer.

A VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) project involving the reconstruction of the [Jefferson Davis Highway] bridge over the railroad tracks [near Bellwood Road], extension of the left turn lane into DSCR and improvements to the ramp at Bellwood Road is expected to begin this summer.

The county was successful in securing Federal funds to address congestion on the Route 288 northbound exit ramps at Chester Road. VDOT plans to construct turn lane improvements on the ramp and to add a traffic signal on Chester Road. Construction is under way.

Another revenue-sharing project will fund construction of a sidewalk on Old Centralia Road from Castlebury Drive to Glen Oaks Court. Construction is expected to begin next spring.

Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds have been allocated to construct a left turn lane on Harrowgate Road at South Street. Construction is anticipated to begin next summer.
Revenue-sharing funds will also be used to improve safety at the Old Bermuda Hundred Road and Old Stage Road intersection. Construction is anticipated to begin next year.


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