Ettrick installs trees for Arbor Day

On Arbor Day, April 25, Virginia State University donated a tree for the courtyard and a science lesson for second grade students at Ettrick Elementary School.  Dr. Gregory Frey spoke with the students about how trees grow as students helped to plant a Service Berry Tree in the courtyard.  Mr. Albert Reid, Dr. Marcus Corner and Mr. Joel Koci, all from Virginia State University faculty, assisted in helping our students have a hands-on experience in learning about Arbor Day and trees.  Students were given trees to plant at home and additional seedlings were planted at Ettrick Elementary School.  It will be a great and unique educational experience for these second grade students to see how the seedlings have grown over the years as they mature in grade levels and the trees mature in height.  The partnership between Virginia State University and Ettrick Elementary School allows students to learn from some of the best educators of Agriculture.


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