“Sylvia” – Meadowbrook brings to life Gurney’s timeless classic

by Ralph Winfrey

Dogs have often been referred to as man’s best friend, but is man’s best friend Greg’s wife’s worst nightmare? All of these questions were elegantly answered throughout the reenactment of the timeless play “Sylvia,” written by A.R. Gurney.

Meadowbrook’s Theater department did a brilliant job with this play, conveying the strong emotion and accurate details to make this play nearly replicate the original. It all begins when Greg finds Sylvia, played by Jacon Thore and Sylvia Clark respectively, and decides to take her home. Played by Zinah Mack, his wife Kate immediately disapproves of Sylvia and wants her out of their home.

Greg quickly becomes very attached to Sylvia, spending nearly all of his time with her. Kate becomes more and more irate with their relationship, and begins to think that Sylvia is tearing their marriage apart. Kate is offered a job to teach in London while the country has a six-month quarantine on pets, meaning that he is forced to choose between Sylvia and Kate.

He reluctantly decided to give Sylvia away to a family in a local neighborhood so that he would be able to live with Kate. Sylvia passes before she was to be given away, but the memories of her would never leave Greg or Kate.


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