Village News, shame on you

To the editor:
I don’t always agree with you editorial opinions, but I have truly enjoyed reading your paper every since you began. This time, however you have really stepped in it.

Your May 7 “cartoon” on the “entertainment” page is one of the most disgusting things I have seen in quite some time. Sure, they botched the execution. The killer apparently felt some pain and it was not quick. The State could have and should have done better. But to depict the convicted rapist and brutal murderer in a fashion suggesting Christ on the cross, under a shroud decrying cruel and unusual punishment? That makes me sick! The bigger failure is that Oklahoma only managed one for two that night. I won’t stoop to mention the name of the man executed or the “artist,” but you should have known better than to publish this filth.

And don’t come back with any arguments against “censorship” or with the standard disclaimer that the opinions do not necessarily represent those of your paper. Someone made an editorial decision to include this and exhibited extremely poor judgment.

You owe an open letter of apology to your readers and especially to the families of Stephanie Nieman and the other victims.

Steve Miles

Response: The Village News apologizes for the possibly offensive cartoon that ran in our May 7. We did not intend for the cartoon to have any religous undertones. The subject of the cartoon was positioned  the same way as any executed inmate. Thank you Mr. Miles for bringing this to our attention.