Seniors strive to change the world

By Roger Walk

With the mission to share practical ideas how to make a difference, treat others well, give back, love yourself, and contribute to a better world, the students of two senior L.C. Bird High School English classes, several school clubs, and two choir classes invited the student body and faculty of their school library to a “Change the World Week Extravaganza.”

Last Friday about 900 students and teachers saw poster exhibits, listened to songs, watched video clips, and discussed the ways the L.C. Bird senior students believe they will make their future a better world.

Facilitated by classroom projects and the literature they read, the seniors had picked difficult and complex societal challenges for which they presented ways they believe could contribute to their solution.

As stated by Martin Luther King, Jr. “The way to change the world is one person at a time.” And so the students presented their concepts in a way that captured the attention of their peers in a direct and personal way. “You can change the world” and “Here are ways how You can make a difference” were the words the invited students could read and hear everywhere at the school’s library.

Literacy, hunger, diversity, racism, and stereotyping were some of the societal problems and faith, sexual orientation, kindness, animal cruelty, fitness, and nutrition some of the more personal issues for which the students suggested ways for improvement.

In the midst of the music, sports activities, discussions and quiet reading, those who had joined the seniors for their awareness-building event signed a huge banner attesting that “I was here and I changed the world”.

English teacher Beth Lucas, who initiated the “big topic” extravaganza with her senior classes hopes “that this event that raises awareness and a sense of responsibility for ones own future among the students will become a landmark on the school calendar in future years.”


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