CCPS announces Students of the Year

Who are Chesterfield’s Students of the Year? An inquisitive learner. Hard working, creative, positive and helpful. An exceptional role model. A friend to all. A superstar. Those are descriptions from teachers and principals of students selected as 2014 Students of the Year.

Each year, Chesterfield County Public Schools honors two students from every school for demonstrating citizenship and the school division’s core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and accountability. On April 24, during a banquet sponsored by the Midlothian Rotary Club, 124 students from Chesterfield’s 62 schools gathered with their families, principals, teachers and others to be recognized as Students of the Year for 2014.

Here are the 2014 Students of the Year:


  • Bellwood  — Abagail Purdy and Melany Ocampo
  • Bensley  — DeLeir Poteat and Cameron Houchens
  • Beulah  — Stuart Henderson and Anson Ni
  • Bon Air  — Emberly Palomares and Gabrielle Purdum
  • Chalkley  — Malik Bey and Sophia Ansbro
  • Marguerite Christian  — T’zion Wallace and Sophia Allen
  • Clover Hill  — Juliana Burner and Colby Heath
  • Crenshaw  — Yasmeen Jaaber and Emily Hubbel
  • Crestwood  — Maria Vega and Maurice Washington II
  • Curtis  — Alexander Kanode and Toni Williams
  • Davis  — Joshua Hill and Bethany Flores
  • Ecoff  — Sarah Bedal and Josiah Hall
  • Enon  — Tayla Patterson and Gabriel Kindberg
  • Ettrick  — Lauryn George and Tyler Jordaans
  • Evergreen  — Barrick Mogel and Caleb Wilcox
  • Falling Creek  — Tin Bui and Autum Eacho
  • Gates  — Gabrielle Witte and LaShonda Davidson
  • Gordon  — Julia Bassett and Blake Weber
  • Grange Hall  — Hailey Hartsfield and Greyson Berry
  • Greenfield  — Payton Blair and Johanna Karunakar
  • Harrowgate  — Harmony Hill and Marion White
  • Hening  — Jordan Banks and Jazmin Goodwin
  • Hopkins  — Ammy Medina-Centeno and Jenelle Gonzalez
  • Jacobs Road  — Isabelle Sheppard and Milton Hicks Jr.
  • Matoaca  — Grace Fry and Mason Short
  • Providence  — Davis Walker and Lelia Neal
  • Reams Road  — Adrian Mesa and Piper Stewart
  • Robious  — Christian Washington and Brett Zimmermann
  • Salem Church  — Anya Strogonova and Miles Scott
  • Elizabeth Scott  — Hallie Thomas and Devin Joseph
  • Alberta Smith  — Jacob Massa and Jordan Barrett
  • Spring Run  — Brooke Wasilewski and Stella Silvers
  • Swift Creek  — Hannah Strickland and Tucker Reed
  • Watkins  — Rylee Tiller and William Rose
  • Bettie Weaver  — Linden Madison and Madeline Fisher
  • Wells  — Iiscis Hunt and Luke Hutchins
  • Winterpock  — Liv Klinger and Elijah Cramer
  • Woolridge  — Victoria Hughes and Madeline Lawson


  • Bailey Bridge  — Mia Dickerson and Carter Hugate
  • Carver  — Jonathan Pope and Rachel Dishman
  • Elizabeth Davis  — Reagan Lockhart and Gabriela Proctor
  • Falling Creek  — Lily Tran and Erykah Mosby
  • Manchester  — Alton Sturdifen and Swathi Shekharan
  • Matoaca  — Madeline Wade and Elissa Johansen
  • Midlothian  — Eric Campbell and Bennett Blair
  • Providence  — Ryanna Singleton and Austin Hammond
  • Robious  — Olivia Montemurro and Anneda Rong
  • Salem Church  — Emily Moreira and Kambria Cook
  • Swift Creek  — Jakub Lipowski and Alyssa Wilkinson
  • Tomahawk Creek  — Haley McClelland and Nolan Zunk


  • Lloyd C. Bird  — Lake Deane and Jacob Stech
  • Chesterfield Community  — Byron Blackmon and Yesmi Reyes-Morales
  • Chesterfield Technical Center — Asiana Rollins and Caden Reiman
  • Clover Hill  — Carrie Johns and Rachel Nicole Blake
  • Cosby  — Olivia Meyerhoffer and Zachary Smith
  • Thomas Dale  — Angel Hobbs and Patrick Metry
  • James River  — Anibal Tobar and John Wynne
  • Manchester  — Kayla Hugate and Jordan Drummonds
  • Matoaca  — April Downs and Sarah Patton
  • Meadowbrook  — Erik Membreno and Caleb Redmond
  • Midlothian  — Lauren Martin and Thienson Nguyen
  • Monacan  — Aeriana Mann and John Barry


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