Taking a bath on services

If you want to get cleaned up after work, the first thing you do is take a shower. Now you feel better. You know how I know that? I hear the aah all the way to my house. You will only hear it occasionally coming from my house. I figure a little more deodorant and I’m ready to go. No aah involved with that, although it is a bit disgusting.

Take a shower. When is the last time you were visiting someone and took their shower? I figure if you take enough showers, you could begin your own used shower shop.

“Aah, they’re a little musty and moldy, but with a little tub and shower cleaner, it’ll clean right up.”

“Yeah,” you say. “When someone was staying with me, I say do you want to take a shower, and sure enough they took it. Now I have to get another shower. You know, this has been going on all over town and especially in Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks. You ask your friend if he wants to take a shower and next thing you know the bloke is carrying your shower out of the back door.”

The correct way to verbalize that you need a shower is to say “have a shower” not “take a shower” because you will be in danger of losing the shower that came with your house.

Losing a shower that is above your cast-iron tub is a bit more difficult, but showers nowadays are typically separate and can easily go out of the door and down the street easier than raising you taxes and fees.

You may know that I’m against hiding taxes as fees. Just like the guy who steals your shower stall, your money can leave your pocket just the same.

“I need a new registration for my car,” you say.

“Oh it will only take a minute,” the clerk assures you.

“You’re going to take a minute? I’ll bet you’re going take a lot more than that before we’re through.”

“No sir, I have it for you already. That will be $20.”

“But last year, I only paid $10.”

“Well sir, I have nothing to do with that,” then closed the conversation as she tissued her nose and took your money.”

Chesterfield is about to collect $7 million a year on car registrations, your water and sewer bills are going up and the Board of Supervisors is haggling about whether to close libraries or complete a fire station or eliminate a $30,000 item from the budget. In the meantime your real-estate taxes will increase by 1 cent per $100 of assess value of your home.

A 1 cent increase on the real-estate tax equates to $20 a year on a $200,000 home. Twenty dollars a year equals to $1.67 per month. You can’t by a soda for that. In the meantime you’re now paying $40 a year which is $20 more than you paid last year, which is for one car. Many of us have more than one car.

So you’re paying another soda for car registration and two sodas for added taxes on your home.

Oops. Let’s not forget the increase in water and sewer charges, which will help the Utilities Department read your meter from your house.

Departments at the county are also losing. Look at the article on the front page.

Always think about what the Board is cutting. Cutting any service to the citizens of the county is another tax. With services, say the landfill transfer station being closed two days a week (cuts from the last two years) it is dollars or time out of your pocket. It’s like having your shower stolen without you realizing it’s gone until it’s too late.

Access Chesterfield was cut. The service is for the disabled or infirm that can’t make it to doctor visits or the pharmacy or other important locations that they need to take or get to, and have a ride. We pick on those who can’t argue. The next time grandma needs a ride to pick up her medicine, she won’t have a ride. What happens next? The Board indicated that the “service” was unsustainable.

We don’t have buses or any type of public transit and most don’t have sidewalks. A real thorn in my side is that the County requires sidewalks for developers of new businesses building on main highways, but doesn’t put them in front of the County Complex.

At some point we will realize that when there are cuts to the budget, they always start at the bottom.

Next time you hear some hammer and chisel work going on in your bathroom and you are about to lose your shower; think of how many baths you have taken for the County.


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