The Elvis Pie - big winner in cookie contest

Reporting from an earlier story of a local Girl Scout finding a creative way to sell Girl Scout cookies, the results are in and Girl Scout Troop 5239 picked the winners from fellow Scout Serena Barr’s cookie contest held in March. According to Barr’s mom, Amy Barr, all of the desserts were gourmet, made with care and were delicious.  

The overall winner went to Huckleberry Café & Catering with the “Elvis Pie.” “An amazing combination of peanut butter-banana and Do-si-dos,” said Barr. “The win was almost unanimous.” As it turned out, the chef, M.J. Laughter, who made the pie, happens to also be the Girl Scout leader of troop 553 in Prince George.

Serena and her mom presented the home-made trophy to Chris Sovine, owner of the Huckleberry Café & Catering, top with dogs and cats, because the earnings from their troops Girl Scout cookies went to support the Richmond SPCA. They also attended the Richmond SPCA dog walk event in March and displayed some of the taste test photos in their booth.

Additional award-winning desserts went to Divine Creperie for “Most Yummy;”  Riptides for “Most Exotic;”  and a tie  between Sapori  and The Local for “Most Creative.”

Barr said most of the restaurants sold their desserts as a special. The owner of the Local in Richmond said, “The desserts were flying out the door. In less than a week we had already used 36 boxes of cookies!”

An employee of Riptides said “The cheesecake was a hit!”  Karen, the owner of Divine said “We loved participating. It was fun for everyone.”


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