Pedestrian improvements along Route 10 in the works

Spring brings construction to eastern Chesterfield, at least the promise of construction. The Board of Supervisors has approved acquiring six acres in front of Curtis Elementary and Thomas Dale High School for sidewalk improvements and crosswalk marking.

At the two entrances to Curtis Elementary, handicap access ramps will be added at each of four corners, not only allowing for handicap access but also to tie into crosswalks.
The West Hundred Road entrance to Thomas Dale High School will also get the handicap ramps at its intersection.  The Gill Street access to West Hundred Road will be upgraded to include handicap ramps.

The pavement markers in the center turn lane of West Hundred will be eradicated and new crosswalk markings will cross West Hundred Road, both entrances to Curtis Elementary.  Where the center lane markings are removed a new overlay of asphalt will be installed.

Pavement markings will range from eight inches to 24 inches. The Thomas Dale entrance will not include pavement markings for crosswalks.

According to a transportation report, in order to construct the Chester Village Pedestrian Improvements Project on  West Hundred Road, it is necessary that a parcel of county property containing 0.06 acres be designated as public right of way. This request has been reviewed by the Transportation Department and schools staff.


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