Something wicked this way comes

Spring has finally arrived, and boy, is it glorious. The bright bursts of color in every direction you turn can take your breath away (that and the pollen). This time of year makes my heart fill with joy and I am happy. My children are in a constant state of motion, going here, there, and everywhere. From sports to friends’ houses it seems that spring opens the flood gates to being busy.

Just in the past two weeks we have visited Washington D.C. for the weekend, taking in the museums and the zoo, letting the sweet girl experience her first ride on the metro (she was so excited). We then went to Jamestown, riding the ferry over from Surry and enjoyed a horse and buggy ride while we were there. This past weekend we went to the “Field Day” at Presquile Wildlife Refuge – taking the pontoon boat over and getting to walk along the banks of the river and search for “critters” with nets assisted by volunteers from the James River Association. We have been busy and have loved every second of it. I mentioned to the children that we have used quite a few different modes of transportation lately; the metro, ferry, horse and buggy, pontoon boat and of course our cars and feet (lots of walking in D.C, Jamestown and at Presquile). We have had lively conversations about transportation in our house recently and this fitted right in.

With spring finally here, and the forsythia, tulips, daffodils and other flowers blooming, you can’t help but be drawn to the outdoors. Even when I’m not sitting outside I sit on my couch and stare out of my picture window in my den. I have a beautiful view of large forsythia bushes that block me from the road. With the backdrop of a brilliant blue sky and the bright yellow forsythia it’s rather breathtaking. With all of this being said, let’s talk about my view in regards to transportation and how that all ties together.

Unfortunately, Chesterfield County has a humongous road project that will be happening in the near future, the “Super Streets” that you may have been hearing about. Route 10 will become a “Super Street” which looks more confusing than any road I have ever seen and I have no idea how they think it will be safer than a normal road, but that’s another story all together. A small, very tiny part of this huge road project that encompasses Meadowville Road, Rt. 10, Old Bermuda Hundred Road, and Sunset Boulevard, will have a huge effect on my life.

Chesterfield County may very well (let’s be honest here, they are) be extending Sunset Boulevard right through the beautiful forsythia that I mentioned earlier. Yes, a road maybe 15 feet from my property line and if I’m lucky 45 feet from my actual house. Every time I think about bulldozers coming in and plowing down my (well, the counties) beautiful forsythia, dogwoods, and glorious fuchsia crepe myrtle – ugh, it makes me literally sick to my stomach. We live so close to the “right of way” that we have taken it for granted as part of our yard for the last nine years. Never thinking that the county would come to put a road through, as there is a perfectly good one right in front of all of our (the neighbors and myself) houses. I understand that something needs to be done, the traffic down here in Enon is atrocious and Rivers Bend Boulevard, is a nightmare at certain times of the day, but what about adding a traffic light? I just wish that something else could be done so that a road wasn’t being put so incredibly close to my house, and when I say close, I mean close; it is crazy ya’ll.

My house is old (built in the mid-1940s) I worry that all of that excavating and uprooting of trees and digging, and God knows what else, is going to damage my poor old house. Again, they are working mighty close to me. There is no way that they will not come on my property while building this road, with equipment being as bulky as it is, I am worried sick about my yard being damaged and my old house being affected by vibrations from heavy equipment. I don’t even know what to do folks. The county “does not need” any of my property because, I am telling you, I would gladly sell it and move to get away from this road. I know that this is not going to be an overly busy road, but it doesn’t matter. It’s still a road taking away my privacy and my sweet, safe little life that I have built here with my husband.

(Sigh) pains me to think about this road. I need some advice folks, and some uplifting words. If you see me out and about you just might need to give this old girl a hug. I worry that a car turning onto this new road (did I mention the turn is directly in line with my lovely picture window will plow right into my den, I worry that my hyper puppy will run into the new road, I worry that my children – who are not used to a road being directly in their path – will run out into it; I’m sick, sick, sick.


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