“Project Twister” on need-to-know basis at Chesterfield’s Econ. Development

A “twister” is headed for Meadowville Technology Park. The Chesterfield Economic Development Department lately has been churning out the development of Meadowville over the last several years with Amazon, which finished their 1 million sq. ft. last year, then Capital One and Medline.

Project Twister, which is a code name for a business we won’t be able to identify until Economic Development makes the announcement, will be located on Burmuda Hundred Road on what is known as the Keck property, and shown on tax records as being owned currently by the Thomas S. Wilson III trust.

Although the property lays east of Meadowville Park, separated by the Richmond Memorial Park Cemetery and Enon Baptist Church, it is still considered by Chesterfield’s Economic Development Department as part of its Meadowville Technology Park.

The 126-acre parcel, according to plans submitted to the Chesterfield Planning Department, is assessed at $929,900.

Information on tax records indicate that the property is in care of (C/O) Chester Realtor W. Courtney Wells.

Three buildings are planned to face the road with an additional two behind them, according to a site drawing submitted to planning. Each building is noted as containing 252,000 sq. ft. and could be warehouse space.


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