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Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  The past weekend was shaping up to be very nice weather-wise, so I decided that it would be a good time to cut some pine trees.  I need to back up just a tad to explain that part of my property used to be an old Christmas tree farm and the trees have grown rather tall and thick, creating a nice haven for the deer but not a good growing environment for trees that enjoy their space.  

Anyway, the past few summers have been very hot and dry which led to several of the trees turning from a nice green color to a dirt brown color.  Then a few weeks ago the high winds from a passing storm broke one of them in half leaving it hanging half on and off about eight feet above the ground, thus prompting my sudden interest in becoming a lumberjack.  

I went to the local equipment rental store to get a chainsaw and I paid particular close attention to the operating instructions since it has been over twenty years since I last operated one.  I got home…changed clothes, lugged the chain saw, gasoline tank and water bottle down to the bottom of the hill to start my project.  

I was doing pretty well at the onset; the chainsaw started right up and I was hacking away at everything in my path.  The tree was so covered in vines and weeds I had to spend the first twenty minutes just cutting a path to the tree, and then when I did cut a branch off it would just hang in mid-air, entangled with inch-thick vines.  

So I would cut a bit...stop…and drag the branches down from the vines to avoid having them fall on me when I was not looking and then repeat, until the chainsaw stopped running and would not start again.  

So I drag everything back up to the house and call the rental place to make sure I had followed all of the operating instructions.  He told me to just let it set a bit and it would probably start again.  I decided I would try to start the chainsaw at the house to avoid an unnecessary hike if the saw would not cooperate.  So I flip the switch to “on,” set the choke and start yanking on the starter pulley; good news is that the chainsaw sputtered to life…bad news is that I was left holding the starter cord in my hand… unattached to the saw [just to be clear].  Grrrr!  So I take the saw back to the rental shop and waited for them to put it all back together again.  About thirty minutes later I was back in business.  

I felled the busted tree, cut it up into manageable chunks, and started on the second one until the saw once again stopped.  I took this as a good omen, since I was at my breaking point anyway.  It had been a long time since I cut, chopped, yanked and pulled for two hours, so I figured tomorrow was another day…the trees were not going anywhere.  

The next day refreshed and experienced from the previous day I started out anew, got a second tree down and started to saw it into manageable pieces when the chain came off the saw.  Dang!  The rental shop was closed for the weekend, and although I probably could put it back together again I was afraid I might damage something and then I would own a useless piece of equipment.  So I called it a day and felt that it was a decent weekend…two trees down and still in possession of all arms and legs.

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.”
   – Rabindaranath Tagore

That is a wrap and I need to go soak my sore body.  As always be good, play safe, and remember we need trees.  

JR and Max



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