Planning Commission cases to be heard on April 15

14SN0508**: This is an amendment to an Agricultural property In Bermuda District, Centralia Station LLC requests a change of zoning from a previous Case 93SN0147) relative to density and access and a change to the zoning map in Agricultural (A) and Residential (R-7, R-9 and R-12) Districts on 73.3 acres fronting 20 feet on the south line of Centralia Road, 510 feet on the east line of Centralia
Station, 600 feet west of Chester Road. The Comprehensive Plan suggests the property is appropriate for Residential use (1 and 1.5 dwellings per acre or less).

C. 14SN0559*: A conditional use to permit mining and quarry operations and waving of a bond requirement in Bermuda District, Carrie E. Coyner, Trustee requests allowing a permit mining and quarrying operations.  The mining and quarrying operation is in a General Industrial (I-2) District on 333.7 acres located in the northeast corner of Ashton Park Drive and Ruffin Mill Road. Mining and quarry must have a special or conditional use permit to operate in an Industrial (I-2) zoning.

D. 14SN0560*: In Dale District, Chesterfield Land & Timber, Corp. requests a rezoning  from Agricultural (A) to Residential (R-88) (two acres) plus conditional use to permit exceptions to setback requirements  on 17.6 acres fronting 610 feet on the north line of Nash Road, 1550 feet northeast of Eastfair Drive. The Comprehensive Plan suggests the property is appropriate for Residential Agricultural use (maximum of 0.5 dwellings per acre).

G. 14SN0562: In Matoaca District, New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC requests to permit a communications tower amend zoning in an Agricultural (A) District on 1.3 acres fronting the west line of Piedmont Avenue, 1020 feet west of Potts Street.
Suburban Residential II use is suggested by the Comprehensive Plan (2.0 to 4.0 dwellings per acre).

*These cases were deferred (continued) at a previous session by the Planning Commission to their April 15, 2014 public hearing.

**If these cases are acted upon by the Planning Commission on April 15, 2014, they will be heard by the Board of Supervisors on April 23, 2104.

PUBLIC HEARING: An ordinance to allow wind energy systems (14PJ0120).
An ordinance to amend the Code of the County of Chesterfield, 1997, by and reenacting Sections 19-65 and 19-131 of the Zoning Ordinance relating to Wind Energy Systems. Among other things, this amendment would require that a freestanding wind energy system located on property owned or maintained by Chesterfield County be setback a minimum of 1.1 times its height from any of the following on the property: building open to the general public, parking lot, playground, recreational field or similar area designed to facilitate the gathering of people.

Anyone can address a case at a public hearing.


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