Chesterfield to experiment with a Superstreet

Chesterfield is about to experience the first Superstreet in Virginia.

A Superstreet is an innovative intersection treatment that safely and efficiently manages congestion by eliminating the left and through traffic movements on the minor cross streets of a busy intersection.

Traffic on the cross-streets wanting to make a left or through movement will instead make a right turn and then a subsequent U-turn in order to get to their desired location. If enough traffic is anticipated, the U-turn  crossovers could also be signaled.

The Route 10/Meadowville/Old Bermuda Hundred will have a number of traffic lights timed to allow traffic to move quickly through the new intersection.  

Bermuda District Supervisor, Dorothy Jaeckle likes the idea. She said it’s much better than the alternative, which would be a flyover bridge that would be horrible for the community. She said they have tried them in North Carolina and they have been very successful.

Chesterfield will be the first locality to construct a Superstreet intersection at River’s Bend diverting traffic from the River’s Bend Boulevard entrance to Meadowville Road.
Route 10 could see a reduction in traffic backups but the river of asphalt has some losing their homes and others encroached upon.

At a public meeting last week, with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) accompanied by the Chesterfield County Transportation Department (CDOT), plans were laid out for an eight-lane highway from Rivers Bend Boulevard to Bermuda Triangle Road, just short of the Old Stage Road rail bridge which was built for a capacity of eight lanes.

The meeting held at Elizabeth Davis Middle School drew about 100 area residents who perused maps and a video that present a 3-D look at the finished product. The high-tech video drew the attention of most who attended the meeting. The video actually allowed area residents to see the new highway and especially a massive intersection at Old Bermuda Hundred and Meadowville roads.

Rivers Bend Boulevard would be widened to include turn lanes at Route 10, while River’s Bend Boulevard traffic would be diverted down a widened (from two lanes to six with a media) Meadowville Road to the new intersection at Route 10 and Old Bermuda Hundred Road.  

In order to widen Meadowville Road, seven houses would have to be razed.

Meanwhile Old Bermuda Hundred Road would be widened from Route 10 south 0.25 miles.

According to VDOT information, the Sunset Boulevard connection with River’s Bend Boulevard will be closed and a cul-de-sac will be provided. Sunset Boulevard will then be extended to Bermuda Hundred Road.

“This project will change that drastically  – by Sunset Boulevard pushing through right along the side my property – a mere 15 feet from my property line and 30 feet from my living room at best,” Gena Lashley said. (Ms. Lashley writes a column for Village News) “We received a letter in the mail back in the summer (of 2013) stating that we may see people on our property regarding the ‘widening of Route 10 project,’ talk about vague. However, I will say that once I called the county, they have been very forthcoming regarding the project. I understand that something has to be done to accommodate the traffic, though after viewing the ‘Superstreets’ and seeing the proposed road that will essentially be in my living room – I think another option would be appreciated by all.”

The Route 10/Meadowville/Old Bermuda Hundred has a number of traffic lights timed to allow traffic to move quickly through the new intersection.

The cost of the improvements to Route 10, the intersection and side roads is expected to be $42.2 million.


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