Automated water meter reading on the way

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology automatically collects data from water meters and transfers that data to a central database for uploading to a centralized billing system.

Meter reading is currently a manual process requiring employees to physically visit each meter location (approximately 112,000 meters) to obtain data. The costs incurred for manual reading include personnel, benefits, vehicles and worker’s compensation, among others. Problems associated with manual readings include misreading, erroneous estimations due to adverse weather or inadequate staffing, and a growing number of meters (without additional staff).

The benefits of AMR include reducing: reading time, reading errors, required staffing, number of vehicles and overtime.
AMR will also provide the opportunity to go to monthly billing (instead of bi-monthly). If not completed, Utilities will continue to require additional staff and vehicles due to the increasing number of meters. The utilities department anticipates a four year timeline and $10 million to replace/retrofit every water meter in the County.


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