Ms. Kitty turns 100

Twice each week Kitty Knittel slowly enters the pool at the Chester YMCA and each time she exits feeling refreshed.  “I think it will put me back on my feet,” she said.  “And it does every time.”

Ms. Kitty, as her friends in the H2O Kids group call her, celebrated her 100th birthday last Friday, poolside with friends from the Just My Speed and Arthritis classes. This was her second party. She just returned from a family celebration in Greenville, Tenn.

“She is doing very well,” said her daughter, Kathy Trent, who also attended the poolside celebration. Trent said she attributes her long life to how she takes care of herself, “…physically and mentally.”

Ms. Kitty is one to keep active.  Along with her swimming, she reads and makes blankets for the Pregnancy Crisis Center, takes no naps and continues to do the family ironing.  Trent said she also loves shopping and her favorite place to shop is Costco.

She has always loved swimming. In her younger days, she swam in the ocean.  Knittel  took up swimming again nearly 12 years ago when arthritis set in her knees.  She has been swimming at the Chester YMCA for a little over four years.

Dale Buonconsiglio is the Y’s pool instructor for the seniors and said the program has been growing every year.  “Each year we put 10 to 20 more people on the roster,” she said.  
Ask Ms. Kitty her key to long life and she will say, “Take one day at a time. That is all we have.”


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