Falling Creek Ironworks Day

Visitors to the Falling Creek Ironworks Day last Saturday encountered a special guest new to the event, Archibald Cary, portrayed by Bill Rhodes, provided his accomplishments at the ironworks site.

Falling Creek Ironworks Day is a day set aside for the discovery of the first iron furnace in the New World, 1619-1622. Along with performances from the Youghtanund Drummers and Singers and the Henricus Militia muster, visitors were able to visit activities for the 18th century as well. Archibald Cary inherited the property from his father and according to Robert Brock, Cary started an iron works to produce bar iron from pig around 1749.

Period demonstrations of blacksmithing, tin pressing, candle making and corn husk dolls went on throughout  the afternoon along with archaeology tours to the ironworks site.

The Falling Creek Ironworks Foundation sponsored the event.  Along with their Old Stone Bridge photo and magnet fundraiser, they also provided food and beverages.  For more information on Falling Creek Ironworks, visit www.fallingcreekironworks.org.


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