Jobs on the chopping block to makeup $3 million in school budget

While the Chesterfield County School Board passed its budget during a meeting on March 4, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Marcus Newsome, said during a budget and audit meeting last week, that the budget “still needs to be vetted.”

A shortfall in the budget could be decreased by eliminating expenses in several different areas. The total shortfall in the budget at this point is $3,087,600. The total budget for schools is $556,809,400 with expenses at $568,074,000 including kindergarten class size reductions, a salary increase as well as a reduction in Pupil Teacher Ratio (PTR) among several others. Dr. Newsome said this budget must be approved by the School Board still change before it is approved by the Board of Supervisors. The Supervisors will consider the budget in April.
Approved reductions to balance the budget:

  • Pilot Outsourcing of School Custodial Services (66 FTE) fulltime employees
  • Reduce County Charges for Radio Shop and IT
  • Reduce Fund Balance
  • Reduction in Warehouse Operations (11 FTE)
  • Technical Adjustments
  • Eliminate Special Ed Aide Pool (8 FTE)
  • Total Proposed Reductions – $3,087,600

Dr. Newsome reiterated that these numbers and reductions in FTEs could change and must be “vetted” before being approved by the Board of Supervisors.


School Budget shortfall

Eliminate the top 10 positions with the highest salary starting with Newsome. That will correct the shortfall.

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