Social Studies Night at Ettrick Elementary

Ettrick Elementary School recently celebrated social studies with an evening of activities designed to reinforce classroom learning. The social studies committee members, Susan Banchero, Tracy Branch, Crystal Richardson, Eugenia Scales, Jennifer Regan, Mary Cintron, Sean Smith, and Stacy Hamilton originated several events to peak student interest. They were led by Chairperson and Lead Social Studies teacher, Maria MacLaughlin. “Our committee thought that it was important for us to create an experience for our students that would help them remember significant contibutions. What better way than to have a truly hands on—and fun—evening of learning,” said MacLaughlin. Teachers and students dressed as famous people from their grade level curriculum. Each class worked on a display board with information about their chosen person. Parents contributed information for the displays.  In addition to the activities, a talking Wax Museum was presented to help famous people “come alive.”  Students were furnished with autograph books to have signed by costumed interpreters. A Scavenger Hunt to answer questions about information on the display boards was the centerpiece of the evening.  Students were enthusiastic about participating in the event. “I will especially remember my character because I got to dress up as that person,” said Bari Muhammad.


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