State Sen. Stephen H. Martin on the ropes for ‘host’ comment on Facebook

According to an article in the Washington Post,  “A Conservative Virginia state senator is under fire from Democrats and women’s groups for a sarcastic Facebook post in which he described a pregnant woman as the “host” of the child she bears.

“Several female Democratic senators stood on the floor Tuesday afternoon to chastise Sen. Stephen H. Martin (R-Chesterfield), calling his comments clueless and disrespectful.”
The Chesterfield Democratic Committee weighed in as well:

“The Chesterfield County Democratic Committee calls on Senator Steve Martin to apologize for his recent Facebook remarks in which he referred to pregnant women as “hosts.”   
Elizabeth Hardin, CCDC Chair, stated “Senator Steve Martin’s Facebook rant in which he referred to pregnant women as “hosts” is just his most recent salvo as a foot soldier in the Republican War on Women.

His lack of compassion for women and girls who become pregnant due to sexual assault, and his contempt for women in general, is evident in the bills he has championed: mandatory ultrasound, fetal personhood, and insurance ban, to name just a few. The women of the 11th District and Virginia deserve better representation from Senator Martin, and, at the very least, an apology.”

His post was a rant prompted by a Valentine (Feb. 17) from the Virginia Pro-Choice Coalition that requested him to give up his opposition to abortion.

“I don’t expect to be in the room [nor] will I do anything to prevent you from obtaining a contraceptive,” Martin wrote. “However, once a child does exist in your womb, I’m not going to assume a right to kill it just because the child’s host (some refer to them as mothers) doesn’t want it.”

Martin said that his words were taken out of context and that he was trying to describe the way abortion advocates see women. Democrats and liberal activists said the comment was illustrative of how anti-abortion lawmakers really think.

Martin’s Facebook page was then changed to eliminate the word “host.”


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