Thin mints, Tagalongs, Samoas might create the best dessert ever

Serena Barr was looking to sell some Girl Scout cookies.  The eight-year-old Elizabeth Scott Elementary student is a member of Girl Scout Troop 5239 that meets in Enon.

Serena and her mom Amy Barr decided they’d like to find a creative way to sell the cookies. So they came up with the idea of a contest with Chester and Enon area restaurants. “We wanted to see what they could make out of the cookies,” Serena shared. Amy said, “We asked ‘what can we do that’s different?’”

The Barrs didn’t have the traditional avenue to sell Girl Scout cookies. They couldn’t send their sheet in to post it on the bulletin board at work, since Amy owns and operates Art Adventures, an art studio in Enon. She was looking for something different the pair could do to sell the cookies “We were looking for something fun to do,” Amy said.

 So, they had to get creative. They decided to sell cookies to local restaurants and sponsor the taste testing of their recipes. The restaurants will make up desserts and give them one frozen sample. They will take the samples back to the Girl Scout troop of 11 girls to test and decide on the winner.

“We went all around to restaurants and told them our idea and they all were very receptive,” Amy said.  The contest was for one recipe or 10 recipes it didn’t matter — the desserts just have to be made out of Girl Scout cookies. “We told them whatever they wanted to do was great,” Amy said. “And they were thrilled.” She said in some cases, the chef came out and talked to them about their ideas and what they were thinking of making.

“Most of the restaurant owners were parents so they were glad to help,” said Amy.

Amy said the troop will get a big kick out of the contest and since March is Restaurant Month it’s the perfect time to try something like this. “We went to all the restaurants and we told them we want to see who can make the best dessert out of Girl Scout cookies,” Serena said.

The pair got eight restaurants to sign on to make desserts and be in the contest. Many neighborhood gathering spots such as Divine Creperie, Cesare’s and Wings, Pizza ‘N’ Things  have been very supportive as well as, Sapori, Antonio’s, Huckleberry Café, Riptides and The Local (in Richmond), and they all agreed to make desserts with the Girl Scout cookies and submit an entry into the contest. So, there may be some thin mints in that fancy chocolate cake or pudding at some of these local eateries.

“One place bought 100 boxes,” Serena shared. Amy said the creative solution to selling Girl Scout cookies was just “something fun to try out.” She said Troop 5239 is a “fun-loving small group of 11 girls and they are going to have a great time with the contest.”

Serena and Amy will go to the restaurants that agreed to participate in the contest and collect their samples and take them back to the troop for a taste testing. The Barrs have created a homemade trophy to give to the winning restaurant.

They are looking forward to the big taste testing. Serena and Amy want to say a big thanks to the restaurants that bought cookies from them. “The restaurant owners got such a big kick that we just want to say a big ‘Thanks’ for their help.”

The Girl Scout cookies are on their way to the restaurants and the Barrs are excited to see what kinds of creative entries the chefs come up with. “We have a fun-loving small troop and they are going to have lots of enjoyable times with this.” She said the troop is very community service oriented and is looking forward to the yummy times ahead.

The duo sold about 350 boxes of cookies and Serena said, “Next year we’re going to do a lot more.” Asked if she was looking forward to the special treats, Serena smiled and said, “I’m going to try out all the desserts.”


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