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Hello and welcome back to the strange world of the Dogpound.  Now I know and you know that newspapers and television news shows all throw out headline screamers to grab your attention and tweak your interest just enough to stay tuned or read the rest of the article.  

I have AOL and they always have headers that try to grab your attention; like…”You will never believe what they found!..or  “This little trick will save you money!”..Etc…I think you get the picture.  So it was no surprise to read the latest screamer headline...”ObamaCare will cut 2.5 million jobs!”  

The article goes on to say that by 2024 the ObamaCare will force over two million workers out of a job. Oh my!  Now that is serious stuff…well, it depends.  Shortly after this release I get this headline, “White House says that losing jobs is a good thing!”  SAY WHAT?  You say!  Me too!  Yes, they came out and said that this would “free” Americans from being “trapped” in a job.  They will now have a “choice”... the freedom to pursue their dreams. I can see it now.  Boss walks in, hands you an envelope, and with a big smile says “You’re Free!”    

Stunned,  you open your envelope;  it is your pink slip. It reads, “Congratulations!  You have been laid off.  You now get the opportunity to do what you want with your life without  the worry of a job holding you back.” You look up at your boss with a puzzled look on your face.  “I am so jealous!” He says still smiling from ear to ear. “You are now free thanks to your government and of course to those of us who are still working.  Get out of here!  Go! Fly with the wind.”  

Now in a twisted way that is a true statement.  I have known people who are working just to have insurance, but were that the intent and purpose of ObamaCare?  Wow…I missed that boat.  I would like to be free to pursue my dreams too…of course I would need help on my house and car payment…but who knows…maybe it is in there? No one has really read the 2,000 pages of the law…so maybe there is hope for me.  What would I do with my new found freedom?  Good question.  Well, I would have time to dust off my guitar, take lessons, and maybe join a band.  Or maybe I would go back to school.  Take a class on how to make better use of my computer…take a class on music appreciation…or maybe take a creative writing class.  

Now I know you are saying to yourself…that would be a waste of time for me to take a writing course. I agree, but who knows,  I might pick up a pointer here or there.  Better yet…maybe I will become an instructor.  I would be free to teach a writing class using my Dogpound issues as homework versus studying the big and dull classics that every other writing class uses.  Even Max could attend to give the students encouragement and inspiration.  Yes, finally a class for the masses to empower them…to free them to write that novel that is buried inside them.  All of this is possible only due to the generosity of our government…correction…generosity of the American Taxpayer.  Who knew!?  Thank you ObamaCare!

Got to sign off now and get on-line to find that drop down box in the health care exchange that covers house payments.  As always, be good, play safe, and remember to watch for my new writing class.

JR and Max


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