Upcoming Board of Supervisors cases and agendas

The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors conducts two public meetings a month typically following the school year on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month. At other times they are meeting only once a month.  The afternoon session begins at 3 p.m. with a dinner break at 5 p.m.  After a dinner break the board returns at 6:30 for an evening session at which most rezoning cases take place.

When the Board of Supervisors return from their dinner, they will be facing a stack of rezoning applications. Not like the old days when hearing the applications would push their meeting way into the night but enough, if all are heard, to make it a busy evening with 11 cases.

It is expected that the Jessup/Iron Bridge roads (Balzer and Associates) application will draw most of the audience. The area around Jessup and Iron Bridge and those who live in its surrounding neighborhoods have been negotiating with the developer’s representative as well as Chesterfield County planning  department  and at least one member of the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors.

Neighbors are upset about the traffic and potential crime that a commercial development would bring. Developers have stated that the only business being planned on the 10-acre parcel currently is a gas station/convenience store. But previously the zoning application had notes to the effect that there would be a fast-food restaurant, strip center and possibly a hotel.  
Two applications, Twin Rivers LLC requesting rezoning on North Enon Church and Meadowville roads, and Terraforge, Inc., at Conifer and Bellbrook roads are requesting amendments to zoning standards for a reduction in a portion of the cash proffers. Proffers pay for county infrastructure, including schools, roads, public safety, libraries and parks.   

W.S. Carnes is seeking a change from agricultural to community business zoning on 2.2 acres, which would allow the Carnes company to use the property, formerly N.B. Goodwyn, for offices.

NOTE: The Village News, in the past, has tried to highlight pending Chesterfield County rezonings, policies and ordinances in plain English. In the spirit of community openness, we are going to begin publishing these simplified county changes as needed.


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