Max is snowbound

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful world of the Dogpound.  Mother Nature has been busy of late playing hard ball Winter, and might even take a shot at the Super Bowl, which will be unprotected from her snowy efforts.  So thanks to a recent heavy winter snow I am out in the driveway shoveling a path that will allow me to drive to work and civilization.   I have a long driveway to shovel, and while I labored away, Max found a nice comfortable spot in the snow to enjoy the afternoon sunshine. I finally finished my exercise for the “week” [did you know that snow gets heavier over time?  It does!]….and headed back to the garage.  

Max seemed content where he was and made no attempt to follow me inside.  That was fine with me, he has a nice thick coat, and he was soaking up the rays…why should I intervene?  So I get inside, take off my boots and strip off three layers of clothes, grab a drink out of the refrigerator and head to the study to relax my tired bones. I just sat down, and was looking out window when I saw Max trying to reposition his body, but he could not. The snow was very deep, and with his bad hips he could not get his leg high enough to step over the snow.  So I get up, put back on three layers of clothes and my boots and head out to rescue Max from the snow.  Of course Max found the deepest part of the drift to lie in.  The snow was up over my boot tops.  I get to Max..hoist his body up in my arms [85 pounds of limp dog], and trudged through the same drift till I could reach the shoveled driveway, where I was able to set Max down so he could walk the rest of the way. My poor back; but Max is worth it.

“Sometimes you have to forget what’s gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what’s coming next.” Unknown Author

A mother asks her son, “Why don’t you go across the street and see how old Mrs. Jones is doing today.” The boy returned a few minutes later and reported,” Mrs. Smith says her age is none of your business.”

A diner in a restaurant had been waiting a while for his meal. Finally the waiter returned and said, “Your fish will be coming in a minute or two.” “All right,” the diner replied. “Out of curiosity, what bait are they using?”

Need to finish now and get a nice hot bath.  As always be good, play safe and remember to always appreciate what you have.  

JR and Max


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