YOUR BUSINESS COMMUNITY: Sparkle Clean Ultrasonics LLC More than just cleaning blinds

Sparkle Clean Ultrasonics LLC is family owned and operated. They are proud to provide superior cleaning services for all styles and sizes of blinds, shades and windows. They service both residential and commercial customers using state of the art ULTRASONIC cleaning equipment.

Ultrasonic cleaning includes the use of sound waves. The dirty blinds and shades are put into a tank filled with hot water and a mild echo-friendly cleaning solution. There are transducers that create sound waves which in turn generate millions of microscopic bubbles. The bubbles travel through the water until they collide with something, causing an implosion that will dislodge whatever dirt or contaminant it comes in contact with.

Essentially, the dirt is vibrated off of the fabric, head rail, cords, ladders – every square inch of the blind or shade. All parts are cleaned and sanitized resulting in a fresh clean look for your blind or shade.  Since most fabric blinds cannot be “scrubbed” without damaging them. ULTRASONICS proves to be a gentle and effective method for cleaning those expensive and delicate fabrics. ULTRASONICS have the ability to help loosen the fine layers of dirt and grime that have accumulated over many years making them look Sparkle Clean again. We can also clean your windows inside and out to make them Sparkle Clean, too.

“We clean blinds, shades, windows, offer full power washing services and more,” said owner, Arie Brown. “With our power washing services, homes, fences and decks can become sparkle clean, too.”

“We also offer pick-up and delivery service. We’ll come to home or place of business, remove your binds and shades, take them to our shop and clean them using State of the Art ULTRASONIC technology. We’ll bring them back Sparkle Clean and re-hang them for you.”

Sparkle Clean also offers on-site same day service.

They will bring their shop to you; to your home or place of business, remove your binds and shades, and clean them right there on-site using State of the Art ULTRASONIC technology. “We’ll make them sparkle clean and re-hang them for you.”

Brown said, “Don’t just have clean blinds and shades and dirty windows. Let the sun shine in and enjoy your Sparkle Clean blinds. We can clean your windows and make them Sparkle Clean too.”

“We can use ULTRASONIC technology to clean many other items; fluorescent light lenses and defuses, decorative household items, antiques and collectables, artificial plants, golf clubs, items covered with dust and dirt, grease and grime, mold and mildew, nicotine, soot and much, much more. Just about anything that can fit into our tanks can be cleaned using State-of-the-Art ULTRASONIC technology to make them sparkle clean, too.”


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