Max is disappointed

Hello and welcome back to the wonderful New Year of the Dogpound.    “Yes, Max. I checked the paper over twice. You are not in this year’s issue of “Year in Review.”  I know, I could that be?  That is like what…how many years running?  Well, we started in…uh…I believe 1999.  Yes, July, August, 1999.  I agree that is a long time to never make the final review despite all what we have been through together.

So why are you laughing?  I would think you would be sad or even a bit ticked off?  Yea…I saw that pig on page 12.  It was a rare pig which makes it a big deal, I guess.  But you are right it is still a pig.  So??

Oh, on the next page is an advertisement for a Bar-B-Q restaurant. Got it!  Yes, that is very ironic. But still that does not get you into the “Year in Review”  issue.  Now, that has to be your 2014 New Year’s Resolution.  You have to do something fantastic and amazing. Like what?  Well, I don’t know.  Maybe save our neighbor when he falls into the lake or when his house catches on fire.  Oh yea...right.  

Your bad hips.  Well, instead of dragging him out of danger maybe you could dial 911 for help.  That would, for sure, get you front and center of every newspaper and TV News program.  Oh right.  No cell phone.   Now, that is not my fault.  You lost the last two I gave you and besides without an opposable thumb you were always having a difficult time getting the phone open.  

Ok…enough for tonight.  We will do some more brain storming tomorrow.  So try thinking outside the box and get really creative about doing something that does not require fingers or is bad for your hips.   This is going to be our year.  I mean…your year. Go Max!


“It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.”
– Jerry Seinfield

Two blondes were to meet at the mall to go shopping but one arrived an hour late. “Why are you so late?” the first blonde asked. “Oh it was terrible. I was on the mall escalator when it came to a complete halt. I stood there for almost an hour while they fixed it,” the second blonde replied. “You stood on that escalator for an hour while they fixed it? The first blonde asked with a hint of disbelief. “Yes, of course. What else could I do?” “Well you silly girl. Why didn’t you sit down?”

That is all we have today.  As always be good, play safe, and remember no news is not always good news.  

JR and Max


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