Is it real or is it Memorex?

In 1972, Memorex launched a campaign “Is it live or is it Memorex?” this campaign eventually became “Is it real or is it Memorex?”

The commercial was based on a line of recording and video tapes that Memorex claimed were so life-like that the consumer could not differentiate the tape sound or the visual from the real thing.

Comme la vie, how do we differentiate the synthetic from the real? After all, everyone puts forth an image, hopefully for the best.

With a new year approaching it is a great time to reflect on why we are afraid to put forth our real self. Is it that we have not come to grips with our faults or do we just not like who we are?

As a little girl I envisioned my world and the people I wanted to surround myself with.

Yes, as life has continued to move forward, I have lost my way, but I have not lost my dream. My dream does not consist of changing someone else’s dream; this means that if it does not fit I do not force it.

Interesting enough, I have met someone that I consider to be no drama and somewhat interesting, but he is as much of a loner as I am. Therefore, I do not call and neither does he. So much for that relationship!

Many years ago, while I was going through my divorce a gentleman invited me out for an evening; he noticed that the divorce proceeding were taking a toll on me. After his pleading, I relented and met him at the proposed destination. I was angry that he did not wait in the parking lot for me as a real gentleman should. I even drove away. He called and apologized for not waiting for me to arrive. So, I accepted his apology and returned. Upon my return he had a gentleman to meet me and walked me in. It did not take me long to notice that my friend had made arrangements for just the two of us to occupy the entire club except for the chef, disc jockey, bartender, and server.

The reason I was so angry that I drove away was because I was so bruised and had just come from living a façade that I had stopped believing in the real and I had stop believing in me.

After that experience I soon realized that I deserved that experience and so much more. The woman that I dreamed that I could become was the woman that I would become.

You ask what happened to the fine gentleman that treated me to such a memorable evening. Well, he was not real. He was definitely “Memorex.” He was not only dating other women he had a wifey.

Regardless of finances, romances, and chances enjoy your “New Year” and make a promise to yourself to be the real you.

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Enjoyed the insight


You have wonderful insight and thoughts on life. I wish you well and applaud the women you have become!!!!

Patty Watts

Help Women to Heal


I appreciate your transparency. This body of work will help other women to start the healing process from bad relationship.

Can't get past your "Capcha" Here is my comment:

Can't get past your "Capcha" Here is my comment:

If you subscribe to an idea that we don't find ourselves, but rather, we invent ourselves...Then it is not far fetched to realize that we must re-invent ourselves all the time. So the real you, me, all of us, are continually in a state of our quest of becoming.

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