Police officers receive new patches, badges

CHESTERFIELD – The Chesterfield County Police Department  have adopted a newly designed patch and badge. As of December 31, the new patches were visible on all uniforms. New badges or shields can also be seen on  the left pocket of officers.

Since Chesterfield formed its own police department in 1914, with only five officers, the patches have changed considerably. The badges have changed a few times as well, but the uniform changed color only once in 1930.

According to a written police history, “Shoulder Insignias Through the Years,” in 1930 police chief Charles Smith redesigned Chesterfield’s police uniform. “The new uniform included the department’s first shoulder insignia, a round patch with a tan background embroidered in gold thread with a triangle in the center and the words ‘Chesterfield County Police.’”

The patch had changed again in the 1940s and early photographs show officers wearing a triangle patch. The patch took on the look of a shield in the early 1960s. The new design featured an almost gold trim and lettering on a black background.

Badges have been part of the Chesterfield County Police uniform since the beginning when the officers wore below the hip coats with some officers even wearing bow ties. And the badge has remained practically the same since 1914.

According to written police history, in 1982, Sergeant Walter Lovelady created the “red badge of courage.” That shoulder patch is what you remember as the insignia county officers wear today, although it has been altered slightly in the 30 years it has been part of the uniform.

Now comes the new shoulder patch. A complete redesign, the patch has a more contemporary design but pays homage to patches from the past. With gold trim and text, the patch features the old county courthouse in the center, an American flag on the left and half of the county seal on a blue background on the right.  

“The new patch is contemporary but covers what we are about,” said Capt. Russ Lescault, an officer of the Chief of Police. He said that the patch was designed by a multi-ranked committee. Capt. Lescault said that in 1982 the patch was designed by a much smaller committee of three.

As a centennial celebration of the police force a new badge or shield was also designed. The badge is larger by about 1¼ inches and also features the old courthouse, the county seal and 1914 – 2014 Centennial on a gold background.

Capt. Lescault said the new shield will cost officers $85. To offset the actual cost of $103 the Chesterfield Police Foundation contributed to the new badge fund. The Chesterfield FOP is also considering contributing funds to offset the officer’s cost.


New Shields

Why in the world should officers bear the expense of a new shield because the powers that be decide to change the design?

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