Merry Christmas

Today is the big day; I know my two little elves have been anxiously waiting for this very morning for weeks now. Christmas Day has finally arrived and with it the joy of little ones abounds as the wrapping paper flies and the stockings are emptied out. I don’t know about you all, but I am quite sure that I most likely have been up since the crack of dawn, awakened by the pitter patter of tiny feet creeping down the stairs to see what Old Saint Nick has left at the base of the fireplace.

My two are at the perfect ages to enjoy Christmas this year, seven and three going on four very soon.  The excitement radiating off of those two could light a Christmas tree, and is quite contagious, spreading through the house-stem to stern. Cookies have been baking for weeks, the smell of sugar and butter wafting throughout the house and I even have been playing Christmas music in the kitchen while I bake. It really gets you in the Holiday spirit.  My precious flower is the best sous chef there is and is a master at stirring, and stirring, and stirring, and my boy is the most exceptional taste tester. Even the pup has gotten in on the cookie action, if I drop any crumbs on the floor, he’s there in a flash to make sure that the floor is as clean as a whistle.

Daddy and I decided to torment the children just a bit and wrapped the presents a few weeks earlier than normal. The pure suffering on their faces daily is just so entertaining. They are just about to bust wanting to open a present, and today they will finally get their wish. I can safely say that by the time most of you are reading this, all of the carnage will be over and my tree will be naked once again.

The sweetest thing this Christmas has been how concerned our two darling angels were over the lack of presents for Mommy and Daddy. One Saturday morning we noticed that they both kept coming downstairs with little things wrapped in tissue paper and putting them under the tree. “What are you two doing?” I asked. “We are putting presents for you and Daddy under the tree,” says my flower. Melted my heart; they have taken things of theirs from their rooms and wrapped them up for us and are quivering with delight over it. I can’t wait to open them this morning.

That is the true spirit of Christmas-giving, the spirit of giving. No matter what the gift is, it’s the act of giving and I am so thankful on this Christmas morning that my children are delighted in just that-being GIVERS. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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