SCALAHEEN: Central Library host a night of Irish pub music

by Roger Walk

As part of the monthly Acoustic Concert Series the folk music group Scalaheen presented Irish pub songs and traditional Celtic tunes at the Central Library Thursday, December 5.

All five members of Scalaheen are from Chester. Kathy Widdle (flute and whistle), Paul Willson (guitar), Margaret Graham (fiddle), Jeff Brown (tenor banjo and Anglo concertina – a small accordion-type instrument), and Ken Hall on the goat-skin “bodhrán”Irish frame drum have been playing together for about three years. Scalaheen performs regularly in pubs in Petersburg and Richmond.

With their easy-going style and their simple tunes they created a merry and dance-inviting atmosphere for the concert series audience at the library.

Kids were sitting in the isle fascinated by the whistle and the bodhrán drum and clapping their hands to the rhythms of the music. Scalaheen’s performance showed that pub music can create a happy crowd even outside of the Irish pub.

As Kathy Widdle explains, the musicians see themselves more as contributing to the fun and camaraderie at a local pub evening or gathering of friends than as performing and recording artists.


Correction to name-should be WHITTLE

Dear Mr. Roger Walk, Journalist:
I was very happy to see the article on the Irish Pub Music. The photo caught my eye immediately as I saw my friend and family member, Kathy "WHITTLE", in the photo.
It is so exciting to see someone we know and care about in your articles.
But as journalists, even with a small community paper, it seems there should be a certain amount of verification of facts. A person's name is who they are...if their names aren't correct, then the whole story begins with an incorrect fact(s). Kathy's last name is "Whittle", Kathy Whittle. Perhaps asking a person for the correct spelling of their name when beginning an interview would be the best way to prevent this issue.
As a genealogist and family historian, searching for information about a person is so much easier to find when the name is spelled correctly. If I am looking for "Whittle", my family member may not come up when searched, if the name in the documents are spelled "Widdle", as they are not spelled the same.
Just my thoughts...
I thank you for your time and attention concerning this issue. I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
Cheryl Whittle

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