Civitans honor Jesse Garman

At a recent dinner meeting of the Chester Civitan Club at Pietro’s Pizza; Bill Collie, current President of the Club presented Jesse Garman with a certificate of appreciation for being number one in sales of Civitan’s Claxton fruitcakes in the Chester area.  In fact, Mr. Garman has led the Chester area in Civitan fruitcake sales for the last ten years.  Garman sells the fruitcakes during the holiday season from Worrell’s Barbershop on Old Hundred Rd in downtown Chester.  

Originally from Amelia County, Va.; Mr. Garman came to Worrell’s in 1964 and inherited the Barber shop from Wilbur Worrell, the original owner.  When asked what has been the most significant change in Chester since his arrival in 1964, Garman didn’t hesitate to reply:  “When Route 10 became a four-lane highway.”  

Civitan’s Claxton fruitcakes can also be found at the Dutch Gap Barber Shop, at area Krogers, Martins, Food Lions or by asking any Chester Civitan Club member.  All proceeds from the sale of fruitcakes go to helping local disadvantaged groups and individuals.

Garman would certainly be glad to see you if you showed up at Worrell’s for a fruitcake or a haircut.


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