Curtis Elementary celebrates 50-year anniversary

Back in November of 1990, the Curtis students joined together to bury a Literacy Time Capsule.  Student Leigh Hagan, a fourth grader at Curtis, was shown throwing the first shovel of dirt in a photograph taken during the ceremony. Hagan returned to Curtis Elementary last Tuesday evening for the Time Capsule Reunion and to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary of the commemoration of the naming of the school C. E. Curtis Elementary in honor of Clarence E. Curtis Sr., former Chairman of Chesterfield County School Board.

The capsule was originally buried somewhere between the cafeteria and gymnasium and was uncovered in 2001 during the construction of a new wing on the school. At that time it was decided to rebury the capsule.  Although many people from the county gave it their best try recently to locate the time capsule, they were unable to find its new burial place.  Luckily, however, copies of all 49 student letters were made and safely stored away in the school vault. Sadly, any trinkets that were placed inside the time capsule by students are still sealed safely inside awaiting to be found.

Returning students were able to stop by the office and pick up a copy of their letter. Current students were able to respond to those letters and let them know what life as a student at Curtis is like now.

Later this year, the school is planning to have students bury another time capsule that will be opened twenty five years from now to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the school.  
Assistant Principal Lindsay Porzion welcomed and introduced all visiting staff members from 1990, as well as students returning for the special presentation and reception which followed a musical selection by the third grade students to honor Veterans.


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